What Your ‘90s Boy Band Crush Says About You

If there was one thing that screamed ‘90s, it was the never-ending string of boy bands. I’m picturing them now, all strung up like those paper dolls that you could hang up by the hands — there were certainly enough of them back then to make one of those paper things. In the ‘90s the only thing more common than boy bands were mom jeans and crop tops. And the love that fans felt for their boy band of choice was strong. Maybe it’s because there were so many of them, but I remember people being either devout loyalists or anti-boy band altogether. There was no in between when it came to loving boy bands.

But the other thing about boy bands was that the band you devoted all of your time, love, and locker space to said more about you than you probably even realized. Because the girls who loved *NSYNC were nothing like the girls who loved the Backstreet Boys, and you know it. No divide has ever been wider or more apparent.

Just take a look at this list below. Because which ‘90s boy band you crushed your heart out over says way more about who you are today than you probably ever realized.


A true ‘90s girl, you were into boy bands before boy bands were really a thing. You are ahead of the times, always have your finger on the pulse of what’s cool, and are probably always into things long before your friends are. You also probably have a weird thing for androgynous guys as a result of your Hanson love, but there isn’t anything wrong with that. I promise.


You are probably obsessed reality television, especially if you love this boy band that started as a result of an MTV-produced reality television show.

98 Degrees

You’re a little alternative: You don’t always love what everyone else loves, and you prefer to do your own thing, date guys a little out of the mainstream, and sing loudly to love ballads whenever you get the chance. I mean, really though, who doesn’t?


You love numbers, especially when those numbers are used to count the number of hot British boys in a room.

Take That

You little Anglophile, you. You probably love moody weather, tall wellies, boys with accents, and referring to the Atlantic Ocean as "The Pond." You also probably love a comeback, because this band is still rocking on, 15 years after their origin.


Oh, those Lyte Funkie Ones. Super great at catchy songs, but not so great at spelling things phonetically. If these were your go-to guys in the ‘90s, you are a person who loves summertime jams, crop tops, and blonde tips. Those never go out of style, right?


A purist, you love all the glitz and glamour that comes with life, but you believe that life is better with a bunch of cute boys in it. You’re always onto what’s hot now, you know exactly what the best trends are, and you are a sucker for a boy who can dance. Also, you probably stalked Justin Timberlake all through your college years, and you aren’t ashamed to say it.

Backstreet Boys

You are a loyal person, one who isn’t easily distracted by flashy people trying to catch your attention with fancy dance moves or curly hair. You also know that the music never stops and that the dancing never ends. Twenty years later, you probably still have the same friends, the same hairstyle, and the same love for tall blondes and goatees.

And you thought boy bands were a thing of your past! Little did you know, they have shaped your entire life — right down to the inner workings of your very personality.