27 Things You Notice When You Rewatch 'Flubber,' A Forgotten Disney Classic

There’s no shortage of forgotten Disney films, particular in the live-action vein. For instance: The 1997 Absent-Minded Professor remake Flubber, the kid-friendly comedy romp your parents probably definitely took you to see as a kid. Most of us probably feel nostalgic about the film upon remembering it — and, in truth, there’s nothing bad about Flubber — it's a great kids film, and it is a Robin Williams film, after all. But from murky ethics to a robot-infused love triangle, there’s also a whole lot of weirdness that is difficult to ignore when rewatching this film as an adult.

To recap, Flubber refers to the highly bounceable rubber being invented Professor Brainard, who’s a little brilliant and a lot inconsiderate. Brainard chronically misses his wedding to fiancée Sara, and on the third try, she gives up on him. But wait, maybe he can utilize his new invention to win back Sara and save the college they both work at... or maybe a disgruntled Medfield sponsor will co-opt the gelatinous creation for himself. Or maybe his robot Weebo will ruin everything. Or maybe Brainard will forget about all this drama entirely and just combust one day after a lifetime locked up in his basement.

JK, everything works out fine in the end — this is a Disney movie after all! But still, strap yourself in for the wacky ride that is Flubber, with these 27 bizarre moments and realizations.

1. Professor Brainard Is Obviously One Of Those Madcap Hipsters That Can't Be Pinpointed By His Less Understanding Relatives And Therefore Ends Up With Like 20 Barnes And Nobles Gift Cards Every Christmas

Obviously. For more evidence, note the wide variety of bow ties he owns.

2. A Portable Device That Gives You The News, What Is This Black Magic?

Much science, so wow.

3. Meanwhile Brainard's Fiancée Is Trying On Her Wedding Dress In-Office

For reasons I can't fathom, because by attempt three of this wedding she should have enough experience wearing that dress to know if it fits or not. Maybe she just starts fresh every time?

4. "It's Today." "Are You Sure?" "The Wedding Is Today. OK?" "I Believe You."

Amazed will power this woman must have right now, because I would've left like one wedding ago.

5. Brainard Has A Robot For Curtain Cleaning

I feel that's like one of those devices some rando celeb tries to sell you in a 4 a.m. infomercial and you're so sleep-deprived you decide it's a marvelous purchase.

6. Generically Evil Rival Is So Smug About Brainard Missing The Wedding That He... Purposely Unleashes Rice On The Floor

Seriously, what kind of statement is he trying to make?

7. "It's Flying Rubber! It's Flubber!"

Oh God.

8. Immediately After Creating Flubber, Brainard Gets To Work On His Dream Of Becoming A Baked Potato

So ambitious, this one.

9. Just Wanna Interject And Remind Everyone That Brainard's Robot Sidekick Is In Love With Him And Keeps Systematically Deleting The Wedding From His Schedule To Knock Out The Competition

OK, moving on...

10. "Flubber! It's A Metastable Compound, Sara. In Layman's Terms, If You Apply A Small Amount Of Energy, It Liberates An Enormous Quantity Of Energy."

OK, you missed your wedding for the third time to invent glorified Silly Putty, go home.

11. This Genius Decides That He Should Jump Out The Window With This Highly Unpredictable And Mobile Substance In His Pocket, It'll Be Totally Safe

It doesn't pan out.

12. Then He Mixes Flubber Particles With Hand Cream, Making A Consistently Disgusting-Looking Substance We Have To See Throughout The Film

Another infomercial product.

13. He Also Continues To Conduct Flubber-Bouncing Experiments In His Lab, Where There Is No Shortage Of Glass Vials And Dangerous Chemicals

Seems wise.

14. Brainard Crashes His Car Into The Tree Outside A Little Boy's Window After Two Prior Flubber-Related Incidents

That's the face of a kid who's going to be scarred for life.

15. CGI Geese, Because Why Not?

I mean, is it even a Disney film without animated animals?

16. Sara's Left-At-The-Altar Outfit Is An All-Gray Maxi And The Largest Sweater Ever

Which screams "I've given up on everything" pretty loudly, I think.

17. Weebo Legit Constructs A Human Hologram Version Of Herself So She Can Kiss Her Maker In His Sleep, Which Is A Science Fiction Nightmare If I Ever Heard One

This is, at best, concerning.

18. Reminder: Brainard Tries To Get His Fiancée Back By Cheating In A College Basketball Game


19. "Sure, They're Better Coached, Better Trained, And Their Will To Win Is Unmatched In The Conference"

Good to see that Ted from Scrubs always had wonderful self-confidence.

20. When Did They Find The Time To Learn This Choreography, Tho?

Pls tell me.

21. Sara And Weebo's Clandestine Affair

Really, the biggest plot twist of this film.

22. Then She Gets Taken Out Like The Horse In The Godfather And Brainard Is All, "What Happens To The Soul Of The Machine, Sara?"

Appropriate low-key side-eye for that statement.

23. Dead Hologram Weebo Revealing She Made A Back-Up Of Her Files

This is a hell of a post-mortem tape.

24. "I've Removed A Few Of My Flaws And Added A Little Of You. I Hope That You Can Love My Daughter As Much As I Loved You."


25. That Top Hat, Tho


26. Sara Gets Married To Weebo's Daughter

Second biggest plot twist in this movie.

27. And This Poor Kid Finally Thinks He's Safe From A World Of Flying Cars And Tiny Fluorescent Monsters, But No

"Bye, see you in therapy!"

So, yeah, some crazy moments, but still a lovely film. Who else wants a rewatch right about now?

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