13 Rihanna Lyrics That Could Be About Drake

by Emily Lackey

It’s the love match we all want to make happen. Even if it’s just rumors and speculation for the time being, the dream of Rihanna and Drake being a couple is still something that I would love to see happen. Which is why I spend most of my days pouring through Rihanna songs looking for lyrics that could be about Drake. Of course they’re from her more recent songs, because this love match is a relatively new one. But once she released ANTI in full, I found a ton of Rihanna lyrics that could be about Drake. So now that rumors are circulating that the two have been seen together and might be dating again, I think it’s worth noting all of the lyrics from Rihanna’s new album that definitely could be about Drake. Especially since so many of the lyrics are sung to a mysterious and unnamed “you.” Could that “you” be our favorite Toronto rapper, Drizzy?

If I had my way, it would be. Because I don’t want to live in a world where Rihanna is singing about anyone other than Drake. Thankfully there are plenty of lyrics in her new songs that hint at her relationship with him. So let’s spell it out clearly, shall we? Because there are a ton of lyrics that could totally be about October's Very Own. It’s just about how you read them.

1. “I Got To Do Things My Own Way Darling," From "Consideration"

From “Consideration,” this lyric about living life her own way could definitely be a message from Rihanna to Drake about slowing down and letting her live her life. For a couple that refuses to admit whether they are actually in a relationship, her reluctance could be to blame.

2. “Every Time You Kiss Me Don’t Say That You Miss Me," From "James Joint"

The road is hard for a couple, especially a couple of musicians like Rihanna and Drake. For as little time as they likely get to spend together, this pointed lyric could definitely be about their rumored long-distance love affair.

3. “Don’t Know Why, Just Know I Want You,” From "James Joint"

Sometimes love doesn’t make sense. But I’ll tell you what does: Rihanna and Drake loving each other. I just hope that it’s actually true.

4. “You Mistaken My Love I Brought For You For Foundation," From "Work"

Does anyone else feel, if they were in a relationship, that Rihanna would be the one to tap the brakes and remind Drake — like she does with this line — to not misunderstand her cues for something they’re not? Yeah. Me too.

5. “All That I Wanted From You Was To Give Me Something That I Never Had,” From "Work"

That’s no small order, but something tells me Drake is up to it.

6. “You Ain’t Leaving Me Behind I Know You Won’t, Cause We Share Common Interests,” From "Desperado"

And they do! As two insanely popular musicians, there is a lot that these two have in common and can commiserate about.

7. “These Days You’ve Been Feeling Lonely/ Yeah, I’ve Been Feeling Lonely Too,” From "Woo"

Could it be that their loneliness was the thing that brought these two together? It sure does get lonesome out there on the road.

8. “Well I Don’t Care I’m In Love,” From "Same Ol' Mistakes"

This song about making the same mistakes in love could be about Drake. If it is, it could be about the fact that Rihanna is falling for another musician.

9. “It Doesn’t Have To Feel So Strange To Be In Love Again,” From "Never Ending"

I feel like in so many of her new songs, Rihanna is willing herself to love again through her lyrics. Rihanna, it doesn’t have to feel strange. Let yourself feel it, girl — especially if it’s feeling things for Drake.

10. “Must Be Love On The Brain That’s Got Me Feeling This Way,” From "Love On The Brain"

More specifically love from Drake, if I had to guess.

11. “I Love You Is The Only Thing That’s In My Mind,” From "Higher"

By the end of “Higher” you really get the impression that Rihanna is giving in to the feelings she’s experiencing. I’m just hoping the feelings that she is giving into are her feelings for Drake.

12. “I Love In Your Direction, Hoping That The Message Goes Somewhere Close To You,” From "Close To You"

For this notoriously private duo, any love they shared would likely be kept pretty quiet. So, it makes sense that this lyric might just be about him.

13. “I Know, I Know, I Make It Hard To Let Go,” From "Sex With Me"

If the rumors about their on-again off-again romance are true, this lyric could definitely be about how hard Rihanna makes it to fall out of love with her.

When you look at the lyrics that way, they all start looking like secret love messages to Drake. I just hope that there is some validity to these, because listening to Rihanna’s songs as one long love letter to Drake is the only way I like to listen to them.

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