The 13 Craziest 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theories Will Tide You Over Until Season 7

Well friends, we've come to that time of year again. That time when there is a severe lack of Game of Thrones episodes and fans are all dealing with an existential crisis. What are you supposed to do with all of this free time that you suddenly have? Are you supposed to just move on like Season 6 didn't just end abruptly and horrifically? Of course not. It's time to start examining the endless amounts of fan theories surrounding the world of Game of Thrones. You may even want to come up with a few of your own. Sometimes, the crazier the fan theory, the more likely it is to come to fruition.

Even the most casual fan has likely seen a few theories crop up here and there on the Internet. With a show as complicated and unpredictable as Game of Thrones, there are new theories popping up every day, but not all of them make a ton of sense. Here are some of the craziest series that have been making the rounds. But, remember, as crazy as some of them may seem, Jon Snow is alive today. Is anything truly out of the realm of possibilities with the show?

1. Tyrion Targaryen

You may have heard rumblings of this theory because it has started picking up some major steam recently. Basically, this theory postulates that Tyrion might be the child of Joanna Lannister and Aerys Targaryen. That's right, Ser Barriston did tell Dany that the Mad King (her father) had quite a thing for momma Lannister and may have claimed first bedding rights on her wedding night to Tywin. The theory claims that that the affair possibly continued and Tyrion was the result. It has its sensible origins. After all, maybe that's why Tywin truly loathed him so much and constantly said that he's not his son. Also, wasn't it a little odd that Tyrion was able to unchain and basically charm Dany's dragons?

2. Targaryen Twins?

Well, now that we have one Lannister who may not be a Lannister at all, why not add more fuel to the fire. If King Aerys did jump the turnstile and cut in front of Tywin on his wedding night, maybe he was the one who fathered Jamie and Cersei. They do have the blonde hair and penchant for incest that tends to run in the Targaryen clan.

3. Joffrey's Head On The Mountain

Oh, Zombie Mountain... I love you. This theory is equal parts crazy and awesome. If it's true (I really don't think it is), this would be amazing. Redditor Piscator629 thinks that crazy Qyburn sewed Joffrey's head onto The Mountain's body. The reasoning is pretty simple. In the books, The Mountain's head is sent back to Dorne as a symbol of Oberyn killing him and, from what we have seen, Zombie Mountain has blue eyes like Joffrey. When he was alive, The Mountain had is darker eyes. Also, we have yet to get a clear picture of zombie mountain without his helmet on. Even in the season finale, when he removed his helmet, it was in the dark. We didn't get a very clear picture. Of course, what we did see didn't really look like Joffrey, but stranger things have happened.

4. Dragonglass Is Dragon Poop

Yep, that's the theory. It gets better though, because the creator of this particular theory, Redditor The_Others_Take_Ya, wants biologists or chemists who are fans of the books to help confirm it.

5. Bran Built The Wall

Well, we know that the legend says that Bran "The Builder" built the wall but what if it was actually a time-traveling Bran Stark? After the devastating episode in Season 6 where our beloved Hodor bit the big one (heroically), many fans started to believe that if Bran could affect the past, then maybe he was actually the man he was supposedly named after.

6. Syrio Forel & Jaquen H'ghar Are One

This one has a little evidence to back it up. A theory has been circulating for a while now that these two men are one in the same. After all, the Faceless Men can literally be anyone. They are no one. The fighting styles, coupled with their similar ways of speaking ("a girl is not ready"), make this theory a crazy, yet somewhat plausible one. There's also the old standby that we never saw Syrio bite it. As fans, if we don't see the death, we have an obligation to question it.

7. Theon Killed His Son(s)

This is theory lurking in the darkness of the Internet that postulates that the boys Theon killed in place of the Stark boys may have actually been his sons, or at least one of them could have been. Apparently fans have gone off of the fact that Thron was known to get around and there is a moment in the books where he is referred to as "Kinslayer." The theory further demonstrates this as truth by pointing out his crummy karma after the murders. Could it be punishment from the gods for murdering his own child(ren)? Probably not, but whatever.

8. Tywin Knew About The Purple Wedding

If anyone was going to directly benefit from the deaths of Joffrey, it seemed like Tywin was definitely one of those people. Redditor Maester Gandalf floated this theory and it kind of makes sense, despite it's craziness level. With the Joffrey dead, Tommen was placed onto the throne. Joffrey was a walking nightmare and a disaster for the royal reputation. Tommen was sweet and easy to control. It's not too crazy to believe Tywin was cool with the plan to off his nastiest grandchild, if he heard it beforehand. Tywin does love to ruin weddings indirectly.

9. Robb Warged Into Greywind And Is Alive

This theory has been around for a while. As a seriously devoted Robb Stark/Richard Madden fan, I really want to believe that he made it through The Red Wedding. I'm usually cool with any theory that allows me to believe this is true. Unfortunately this particular one just doesn't make any sense. Basically, it says that Robb warged into Greywind before he was killed by Roose Bolton. That's great but it simply didn't happen. First, we would've seen him warg since his face was shown the whole time and he clearly didn't warg. Second, even if he did warg into Greywind, Greywind was killed too. Either way, Robb died. Everyone stop making me relive that moment.

10. Varys Is A Merman

This theory from Redditor AllegraGeller claims that Varys is actually a merman. Of course, there is pseudo-evidence to back this up. The user postulates that he has a "slimy smile." The user goes on to say, "This could be interpreted to mean he does not show his teeth, and that could be because he has very abnormal teeth," aka merman teeth, whatever those might be. Also, Tyrion threatens to throw him into the sea at one point and Varys is super unconcerned and says something along the lines of, "The results of that might bum you out." (I'm paraphrasing). You can read the rest of the user's evidence at the link above.

11. Melisandre Is Maggy The Frog

This one gained a lot of steam last season when we saw Melisandre remove her necklace to reveal that she is actually a very old woman. Basically the evidence that is usually brought for us has to do with the fact that they are both from Essos and have the same first letter in their name. Flimsy at best.

12. Ned Stark Is Alive

Wouldn't this be nice? In the books it is said that Sansa doesn't recognize her father's head and Catelyn does not think his bones are big enough to be from his body. So people are saying that he may have either warged (because all Stark's are apparently warging enthusiasts of the highest order) or Syrio Forel is a Faceless Man and took Ned's place to effectively save him from being executed. There's a lot of moving parts here and I don't think any of them really work.

13. Robert Baratheon Cursed The Starks

This one is another entry into the category of super crazy but kind of possible. According to Reddit user NANAs_mic, in the pilot episode, King Robert Baratheon shows up at Winterfell and the Stark clan greets him. The thing is that whoever Robert touched eventually died. That part is fact, but the theory says that Robert had a legitimate cursed touch of death. Of course, he didn't touch Sansa or Bran and Jon wasn't allowed to stand with them (#bastardproblems). Those three are still kickin'. Well I don't necessarily think that Robert had a cursed touch of death, it is kind of weird that everyone he laid a finger on is gone.

Sure, fan theories may sometimes be crazy but they're all we've got in the interim between seasons. Who knows, maybe some of these will turn out to be true. Stranger things have happened. I am banking on Varys being a merman.

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