Jennifer Lawrence Shakes Her Arm Fat On The Red Carpet, Fans Go Nuts

As if she wasn't awesome and hilarious enough already. During her stroll (and trip) down the red carpet, as she waved to her adoring fans and the cameraman, Jennifer Lawrence waved her arm fat for all of you to see — and now it's a glorious, captivating Vine. And this was before she tripped on the red carpet. The actress nominated for American Hustle demonstrates yet again that making fun of yourself (and eating the diet of a normal person) combined with having an exorbitant amount of talent equals a star-making combination.

It's so easy, too, at the Oscars to be in awe of all of the nearly surreal beauty — the thousand-dollar-facials, the gowns, the glitz. This is the kind of stuff that cannot be air brushed. It's a video of jiggling arm fat, for crying out loud. It's something that we all often have — if your arms aren't cut like a bench presser, you'll likely jiggle a bit. And so what!? We're freaking human beings, and J. Law, stunning, gorgeous, and a vision in red last night, is too, and she knows it.

She may not have won an Oscar last night, but if there were a Vine award — oh man, would she win one today.

Here's the Vine courtesy of E! Online: