The New iPhone Update Will Let You Register As An Organ Donor

There are a lot of things you can do on your iPhone. Soon, you'll be able to add register as an organ donor on your iPhone to the list. Because for some, stalking your exes on Instagram, watching celebrities exercise on Snapchat, and reading Twitter feuds between presidential candidates are not particularly meaningful ways to regard your phone. It's always interesting to learn about the dynamic uses of the technology that exists within our gadgets. Sometimes, the same innovations that we use for entertainment, are used for much more serious services, too.

Our phones store loads of information. We know this, mainly because we're constantly getting reminders that our storage is almost full. Aside from the space we reserve for gaming, social media apps and selfies, exists some storage that we will be able to use for personal information that could save lives. This fall, iOS 10 will roll in with a slew of new features. But one of the most important features is the Health app update. From the very same app that you use to measure how far you've walked for the day, you'll be able to officially register as an organ donor. In a press release, Apple said you'll be able to “sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor,” meaning if you forgot to sign up when getting your license or didn't ever make the time to sign up online, you'll be able to do it in a click of a button, soon.

While of course you don't have to wait for the new update to register for being an organ donor, the point of this new feature is to simply make it easier. If you don't already know, the Health app as is allows you to store personal medical information like allergies and pre-existing ailments and illnesses. This information is accessible through a locked screen so if you were found unconscious, emergency professionals would know to check your medical history on your phone before treating you — it's the new-age version of a medical bracelet. The company that Apple teamed up with to create this update, Donate Life America, is a non-profit organization that helps to increase organ donations. On their website, they have a few interesting statistics listed:

95 Percent Of Americans Are In Favor Of Being An Organ Donor

But only 52 percent of Americans are actually enrolled.

If You Donate Your Organs

You can save up to eight lives.

If You Donate Your Cornea

You could restore vision for up to two people.

If You Donate Your Tissue

You could heal the lives of up to 50 people.

If you'd like to register to be an organ donor now, you can click here and sign up. If you want to learn more about iOS 10 updates, you can check them out here.

Images: Fotolia, 1, 2, Pexels