When 'Reign' Season 3 Hits Netflix, Check Out These Must-See Episodes

By now you've probably been made aware of the fact that The CW and Netflix have struck up a new licensing deal, allowing the streaming service to stream full seasons of the network's various shows as early as eight days after each of their finales debut. That means viewers will only have to wait a little over a week to rewatch the latest seasons of their favorite CW shows instead of waiting until a brand new season is about to debut. Unfortunately, though, this deal won't kick in until the 2016-17 broadcast season, so odds are recent shows like Reign Season 3 won't hit Netflix until sometime in October 2016.

Granted, no official release date for the third installment has been announced thus far, but judging from The CW's tendency to release prior seasons just before new seasons are about to debut, it would make sense to follow the same pattern one final time before their contract with Netflix changes to the new setup. The only possible glitch in this prediction is the fact that Reign is set to return in the midseason line-up — a first for the series, which usually always premiered in October. So there's a chance Netflix could hold off on releasing new episodes until that point in time, but let's be optimistic and hope that's not the case.

So if Reign's third season (hopefully) starts streaming in October as we suspect, here are some of the must-see episodes that definitely deserve a rewatch.

Episode 1 — "Three Queens, Two Tigers"


Though I hate to relive a time when Mary and Francis aren't deeply in love, it's always good to watch the first episode of every season to get your bearings and remember where all the characters are mentally at the start of things.

Episode 4 — "The Price"


Yes, the episode involves Francis dying, though, it also involves him coming back to life and helping Mary to realize how much she truly loves him. But saving him comes at a great price in a twist you won't see coming.

Episode 5 — "In a Clearing"


Unfortunately, Mary and Francis' reconciliation didn't last for long. After running into Scottish Protestants during a romantic getaway, Francis gets fatally injured and dies in Mary's arms. It's a heartbreaking scene, but reinforces just how special their love really was.

Episode 7 — "The Hound and the Hare"


I mean, that ending alone deserves a rewatch, considering it involves Mary and Catherine joining Don Carlos in a secret flogging session. Just when you think you know where this show is going, it ends up surprising you.

Episode 18 — "Spiders in a Jar"


Admittedly, I was never all that interested in the Queen Elizabeth storyline, but Lola getting executed by a public beheading was a huge shock to the system. And considering the look that Narcisse gave Elizabeth after it happened, I think it may be a decision she'll come to regret in the very near future. Suffice to say, Season 4 can't get here soon enough.

Images: Bernard Walsh/The CW; Giphy (5)