Mary Has More Suitors In Season 4 of 'Reign'

How much you enjoy Reign may have something to do with how into history you are. For me, it's the perfect blend of historical events and total drama, so I’m already looking forward to a new season. Though Season 3 only came to an end on June 20, I can't want for Reign to return for Season 4 to see the outfits that Mary and her ladies wear (those gowns are seriously something, don’t you think?) and how Mary will cope with the many suitors for her hand after Francis’ death.

There’s no spoiler alert there — history has already told us that Francis died about two years into his marriage with Mary. They had no children, and Mary was forced to move on. We'll see how she deals with the fallout of that in Season 4, though unfortunately, Reign will keep us waiting. While every previous season has started in October, Reign Season 4 will premiere on The CW at midseason. The network has not announced a specific return date, but midseason suggests a winter debut, likely sometime in January.

And whenever Mary does return to our TVs, she'll be bringing some new faces with her. In June, Deadline reported that Will Kemp will play Lord Darnley next season, the man who in real life would become Mary's second husband, but only for about a year, as he was soon murdered. According to Deadline, Kemp will be in at least three episodes of Season 4, with an option to continue beyond that, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him. Mary's real marriage to him may have been short-lived, but I don't think Reign will breeze through one year in just three episodes — especially since Mary and Lord Darnley had a child together, the future King James I.

Additionally, TVLine reported that three other roles are being cast for Reign Season 4. One is Boswell, another suitor for Mary who in history became her third husband, so the fact that he and Lord Darnley will appear in the same season means serious drama ahead, to say the least.

Another role being cast is adding drama to someone else's love life, as according to TVLine, "Narcisse’s son Gabriel, a 'sexy and highborn rogue who is also a plain-speaking realist,' will fall for Princess Claude and attempt to marry her despite her obvious affections for another." And finally, Charles' brother Henry is being recast with an older actor who apparently won't be too happy to see his brother in power.

If waiting for Reign Season 4 to return at midseason wasn't already difficult enough, knowing just how much drama is coming just makes it even harder.

Images: Elly Dassas/The CW; Giphy