How Much Does A Furby Connect Cost? This Dose Of Nostalgia Isn't Exactly Cheap, But It's Still A Lot Of Fun

Get ready to embrace the full force of nostalgia, fellow '90s kids, because I have huge news for you: Furbies are back, and they're smarter than ever. If you've been wondering how much the Furby Connect costs, the bad news is that it isn't exactly cheap; currently available for pre-order on Amazon, Furby Connect will set you back $99.99. That's quite a bit more than the original, which retailed for around $35 — but then again, Furby Connect is a lot more technologically advanced. And you know what? It's fun. There. I said it.

As a kid, I thought getting a Furby was on par with getting a new car or going on a vacation, because, you know, kids have no concept of money. Maybe I can't really blame younger-me, though, considering that people were literally lined up for hours waiting to get their hands on Furbies for their kids and there were literally limits to how many Furbies you could buy at a time. It was intense.

Luckily for us, it's a whole lot easier to buy a Furby now. Technically, you can preorder the Furby Connect on Amazon right this very minute, although the item won't be officially released until July 12. The two colors available to preorder on Amazon are pink and teal, but according to a press release, more colors (including purple, coral, and light blue) will be available in the Fall of 2016.

What are some of the awesome new changes Furby has gone through? The integration of technology and the internet both play a big role in the new edition's functions and abilities. Furby Connect still responds to sound and touch and can learn up to 1,000 phrases; however, Furby Connect also utilizes Bluetooth to access apps, including music and videos. (The app is available to download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore today.)

Additionally, Furby Connect's eyes now have full-color LCD screens — and what's more, they even come with their own sleep masks. This means you can cover their eyes when it's time for bed, which basically functions as an off switch.

And hey, even though just shy of $100 may seem like a lot, here's the good news: Everyone who grew up with the original version of Furby are pretty much all adults now — which means you can spend your own money however you like. How about an updated splash of '90s nostalgia to bring you right back down memory lane?

Images: Hasbro; Giphy