Donald Trump's 'Frozen' Defense Shows How Cold He Is

Just like your angsty 10-year-old cousin, Donald Trump is still hung up on proving to everyone that he was right. On Thursday, Trump revisited what many see as an anti-Semitic tweet that he posted and then deleted last week by posting a picture of a Disney sticker book featuring a similar, six-pointed star to the one on his original Hillary Clinton attack poster. His six-pointed star was interpreted by many as a Star of David, a Jewish symbol. Instead of emblazoned with the words “most corrupt candidate ever” and positioned against a background of piles of cash, this star complemented a glittering image of Frozen’s beloved princess Elsa. True to form, Trump just can’t seem to give up on his quest to prove his tweet showed “just a star.”

It’s too bad that Trump’s intent is totally beside the point. The effect of his tweet was undeniably damaging — not only did it appear disturbingly anti-Semitic to many, regardless of their religion or political affiliation, it resulted in some people facing a tsunami of hate from Trump supporters when they chose to speak out. Dana Schwartz, and arts and culture writer for New York's Observer, faced anti-Semitic backlash after penning an open letter to Trump’s son-in-law, who is the owner of the Observer's publishing company, about the tweet.

Here's Trump's Frozen tweet:

And here's what Schwartz said and then faced:

A different politician, in the wake of such hate perpetrated in his name, might respond with something like an apology. Maybe even a disavowal of the support received from white supremacists like David Duke, who tweeted out a “thank you” to what he took as an acknowledgment of white-supremacist values present in the original Clinton attack tweet (to be fair, Trump has condemned Duke in the past — even if it took a while). But not Trump. As always, his first move was the blame the “dishonest,” liberal media for distorting his tweet unfairly.

Days later, Trump insisted on revisiting the tweet and using a Disney princess to defend it. Any remorse completely non-existent, and Trump proved yet again that his heart is frozen.