Is Juan Pablo's 'The Bachelor' similar to 'Duck Dynasty' & 'Kardashians'? This Alum Thinks So

Whether or not he finds love, at the very least, Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor has given us a lot to talk about. And by "us," I don't mean "just viewers." I mean viewers, non-viewers, celebs, show host Chris Harrison, and show alumni. Everyone's been gabbin' about Galavis. Bachelor alum Jef Holm recently called Galavis the "sleaziest" Bachelor ever. And even more recently, Jake Pavelka, former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant, told Radar Online that Galavis’s season is “like [ Keeping Up With] the Kardashians meets Duck Dynasty.

Oh, okay. Sounds good.

(Record scratch) Wait, wait, wait, hold up. There isn't anything about The Bachelor that reminds me of The Kardashians. And I assume The Bachelor and Duck Dynasty don't have a great deal in common. But! I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty, so I guess I can't say that with absolute certainty. Perhaps, according to the laws of reality TV chemistry, the combo of Duck Dynasty and KUWTK would yield The Bachelor? IDK.

Wait, wait, wait, hold up. I think I took him too literally. He says the controversy surrounding the season has drummed up interest/viewership, as it does with shows like KUWTK and Duck Dynasty. People are WATCHIN'. I follow you now, Pavelka. He, like Harrison, believes a polarizing Bachelor like Galavis pulls in viewers:

“In reality, people love to hate. The gushy seasons where there’s no drama, it’s a really well-liked Bachelor, but nothing goes on. [In those situations] he’s so boring and the ratings are low and he gets forgotten."


"He’s going down as maybe one of the most interesting Bachelors ever. He’s being watched. When thing are going on and there are all these rumors, whether you agree with the decisions being made or not, it just makes good reality TV.”

(Sigh) I reckon he's not wrong. As infuriating as the season's been, I can't look away. I can't stop watching. You've got me for life, Chris Harrison.