Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian Vodka Commerical Cameo Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

Bear fighter. Wolf of Wall Street. Titanic lover. What is there not to love about Leonardo DiCaprio? The Martin Scorsese muse and recent Academy Award-winning actor has sure been the focus of Hollywood A-listers for quite some time. And now, it seems as if his heightened status is coming with some unexpected perks. Leo has officially reached a point in his fame where he's so famous that he doesn't even need to appear in a commercial that's literally about him. In fact, now his lookalikes are the ones cashing in on his success. Yep, you read that correctly: Leonardo DiCaprio made an unexpected cameo in a Russian commercial for Pyat ozer (Five Lakes) vodka with the help of his Russian lookalike, Roman Burtsev — and he did it all without even being physically present.

Let me explain. The commercial — set to air on television in Moscow, Russia — features Burtsev driving in a fake BMW with a photo of Leo on his visor, a fake iPhone, and a fake model girlfriend. He drives on until he finds the one thing that's not fake about his celebrity-inspired lifestyle: The vodka itself. (Yes, that's literally Leo's only appearance: The photo in the beginning of the promo.) All of this comes together to make the advertisement not only hilarious in-and-of itself, but totally genius as an ode to both Leo and the lifestyle that the actor lives in the eyes of the public. You just need to watch this ad for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

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This isn't the first time that Burtsev has been recognized for his uncanny resemblance to the Great Gatsby actor. The 33-year-old star of the commercial, who works as an emergencies service officer in Moscow, joined in on the fun of Leo's Oscar-hype this past year with his very own mock Instagram account, @roman_sdicaprio. In the account he posted numerous photos of himself dressing up as Leo in The Revenant, making Titanic dreams come true, and sporting his very own Oscar. And now, with this commercial, it's clear that Burtsev has officially settled into his role as a professional fake Leo. Which is nothing less than amazing.

So, what does Leo think of the commercial? The actor has yet to acknowledge or comment on the commercial himself. Personally, I think it would be amazing to one day see both DiCaprio and Burtsev side-by-side in either the next commercial, or one of Leo's upcoming films. Seriously, this joke is just too good for it to totally pass Leo by.

But in the meantime, Leo, you just keep doing you.

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