You Can Get An Urban Decay Naked Palette Emoji

It seems that emojis are the new "it" thing in beauty, because everyone who is anyone is coming out with a version of their own. Instead of launching celebrity-backed collaborations, makeup brands have turned their attention to text-worthy animations to appeal to digital beauty aficionados everywhere. What's in the new L’Oreal Beaumoji keyboard? Let's just say your phone's makeup game is about to get so much better.

If you've long been a fan of emojis and have been yearning for more custom emoticons, you're in luck, because L’Oreal's new Beaumojis are even better than what you can ever imagine. So what's exactly in them? Let me break it down for you.

The keyboard is comprised of 130 different emojis that mimic the latest trends in makeup, hair, and skin, separated by theme. It Girl showcases current beauty trends like ombré lips and Kylie Jenner-style hair, Iconic, highlights mega popular beauty favorites like Urban Decay's Naked palette and Essie's gel polish, and Pampered Life shows emoji characters enjoying luxurious beauty experiences like a mask and cucumber combo. "Beaumoji also features categories titled ‘beYOUtiful’ which encourages users to embrace their personal style and express their unique beauty stories, and ‘Love’ which includes icons and gestures to express enthusiasm for all things beauty," according to the press release.

If you think you're already obsessed, wait until you see the keyboard.

They even have Urban Decay's new Vice lipsticks!!!

Just think of all the conversations you can now have in pure emojis.

The Beaumojis keyboard is available for download starting July 7th for both iOS and Android, free of charge.

The opportunities are literally endless.

Images: L'Oreal (2)