Anna Kendrick's 'Table 19' Trailer Sums Up All The Awkwardness Of Attending Weddings — VIDEO

When you're in the deep throws of single-dom, there is no deeper hell than being marooned at the rejects table during a wedding reception. But, what if instead of simmering in that hell, you banded together and turned the tables on that nightmare situation? That seems to be the premise of Anna Kendrick's upcoming wedding movie Table 19 , which shows Kendrick's cynical Eloise stranded at the titular ragtag table with the likes of Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb, and Craig Robinson... and is not to be confused with Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates . No, the new Table 19 trailer captures the awkwardness of going solo to a wedding, sans date. And it is glorious.

Of course we can already see that Eloise is stuck in the deep near-bathroom territories of Table 19, alongside star guests like bride Francie's former nanny. Again, the premise alone pinpoints that feel of being stuck with a bunch of strays at a wedding, squinting at the dance floor and only hearing the faintest opening chords of The Black-Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling." It's not ideal, but it's one of those things everyone goes through when they muster up the bravery to RSVP to a pity invite, especially when they know their ex is attending.

Oh, and on the romance front, Eloise is basically all of us... to a point. Her fall from wedding grace came when she was dumped by the bride's brother (via text message) and subsequently dumped from her maid-of-honor duties. As to be expected, Eloise's ex is very glaringly a douchebag with a bad haircut, and I anticipate she's already figured that out before the start of the movie. Who hasn't revenge-attended an event in a bitter move to show-up someone that broke your heart? (If you're saying, "I haven't," you're either lying or don't share my extreme pettiness. Either/or.)

As for Eloise's prospects for the night, well, it's looking like a mixed bag. She arrives to Table 19 and is instantaneously quasi-hit on by an awkward teenager. There is another promising pick on the horizon, though: Eloise finds herself flirting with someone tall, handsome, and heavily accented. She also finds herself decidedly not-kissed by this dreamboat, which is totally real with a capital R: for every one wedding you end up making out with someone in the coatroom, there are nine you end up making moon eyes with some cutie across the cocktail bar at, with no results.

That said, I get the sneaking suspicion that Eloise and her Table 19 team are going to have more luck than you will at your college roommate's rustic barnyard wedding in Maine. Table 19 comes out January 20, 2017, and until then, you can get a sneak peak at the wedding wackiness below.

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