'The Fosters' Recap: Jesus & Mariana Have HUGE Break-Ups & Brandon Finally Does Something Decent (Kind Of)

Well, we got thrown for a loop Monday night. During last week's episode of ABC Family's The Fosters , we wondered if Brandon and Callie could ever be friends. And, as it turns out, they might actually be able to after he actually did something decent this week. We also thought Jesus was going to call it off with Lexi, but you'd be surprised to learn how that ended. And, of course, we thought Callie and Jude's father might ruin their adoption — well, he still could — but it looks like he's going to disappear quietly into the night. But let's rewind a bit and recall Monday night's episode with a guide to The Fosters' biggest surprises.


We were all wondering where Jesus was a few episodes ago — but now his storyline is back with a vengeance. Last week, Emma finally kissed him and they realized that they had "more than friends" feelings for one another. Aw. So, Jesus decided that the right thing to do would be to end things with his girlfriend Lexi because Honduras is just way too far away and long distance is so uncool in high school. And we were all like, "Good for you making responsible decisions, Jesus."

This week's episode opened with Lexi popping up for a surprise visit — RIGHT AFTER JESUS SENT HIS BREAK-UP EMAIL. We're not even kidding — he hit send, walked downstairs for breakfast, bitched about someone finishing the milk, and there she was all like, "SURPRISE" and he was like, "shit." Jesus stealthily swiped Lexi's phone and deleted the email (but forgot to empty her trash, this will come in handy later on) before she could read it. But he's still on eggshells.

They get to school and Emma's got a deer-in-headlights look on her face about Lexi showing up. Obviously, because she's not blind, Lexi can see that something's up with Jesus and Emma, but when she asks Mariana if she should be worried, she basically tells her "hell no, girl!" Emma and Jesus continue to be awkward and somehow Emma breaks her finger (?) so she can't wrestle in her match today — TAG, JESUS, YOU'RE IN! So Jesus has to take over her match.

Lexi and Mariana plan to make signs to support Jesus, but during the match — DUN, DUN, DUN — Lexi sees the deleted email and she is NOT happy. Meanwhile, Jesus is breaking the news to Emma that he's not breaking up with Lexi because he loves her. Whoops. Lexi lets Jesus carry out his little plan for them to have alone time, but turns the tables on him when SHE DUMPS HIM. Ugh, better luck next time Jesus.

Oh, but he won his wrestling match — so at least he's the team hero.


Brandon manages to make things right about the stolen Kindles — but Daphne still won't talk to Callie. Meanwhile, Callie's investigating his illegal, fake ID business by setting things up with his partner for an ID of her own. BAD IDEA, CALLIE. Brandon continues his crusade to make things right by telling some kid that the fake IDs are getting confiscated, so as to discredit and end his partnership/business with his jerky friend. FINALLY YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING GOOD, BRANDON.

Bad news is, now he doesn't have 900 dollars to pay his dad back. Well, for a minute he doesn't have it — he decides to come clean to his dad's girlfriend and she loans him the money to pay him back. She might not be half bad after all. Brandon also comes clean about hoarding the money so he could give it to Callie when she got set up with the independent living program. Really sweet, but ended up screwing things up for Callie in the long run.

For the first time ever, Brandon might have just done something that we don't actually hate. It's almost like ABC Family just revealed that Jude is actually unicorn at night and that's how he got his nickname. Maybe Brandon's actually a unicorn — and MAYBE he and Callie can try to be friends after all?


We were pretty convinced that Callie and Jude's dad was going to show up like a tornado and tear up everything in his path — including the new, wonderful life his children have built with the Fosters. But, apparently not.

Stef and Lena pull Jude and Callie aside at school to let them know that they need their father to sign over his rights as a parent before they can officially adopt them. Jude's not really interested and just wants to eat lunch and Callie's just like, "Please tell me he can't screw this up for us." Later on, Stef and Lena reveal that Mr. Jacobs is living nearby and actually agreed, without any stipulations, to fork over his right to parent Callie and Jude. YAY! But the lawyer wants to know if Jude and Callie want to see him — Callie basically says, "HELL NO," right away but Jude's like, "I don't care what you do, Callie, BUT I'M GOING." Ugh, fine, Jude.

Lena and Stef are a little worried, but really, they're awesome parents so they have nothing to worry about. Well, hopefully not — the episode ends with Mr. Jacobs opening his door to see Callie standing there. He looks shocked and tells her that she looks exactly like her mother — then the camera cuts to Callie, who's staring at him like she's seen a ghost. Uh oh.


Zac JUST got Mariana to realize his feelings for her, like, last week. During Monday night's episode, Mariana introduces him to Lexi and later invites him to come to Jesus' match. Which is cute and fun and Mariana tries to flirt with him but it doesn't really work. Things seem to go well after they walk out of the gym together and then they kiss, shyly, in the parking. But that's where things get really weird.

Zac's just in such a hurry to peace the heck out of there. Why, Zac? Mariana's kind of upset but she tries really hard to play it cool. Apparently Zac's mom is the problem — she comes speeding into the lot to pick up Zac right after his weirdness kicks in. We didn't think anything of it, because Zac really likes her.

Apparently he doesn't like her enough — Zac shows up at the Foster house later that night and tells Mariana that he thinks they "should just be friends." UGH, WHY, ZAC??!?! YOU TRIED SO HARD AND NOW YOU'RE BREAKING HER HEART?

So we've got two bad break-ups for the twins, Brandon being kind of alright, Callie making things complicated everywhere by playing Veronica Mars and visiting her dad who's really not making anything complicated at all, AND STEF AGREEING TO LET TIMOTHY BE HER AND LENA'S SPERM DONOR! There's going to be a Fosters baby, everyone — and it's going to love Shakespeare and have an adorable accent. WE LOVE IT.

Image: ABC Family