Dallas Protest Shooting Photos & Tweets Are Horrifying

During a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas on Thursday, multiple shooters opened fire and shot at least 10 officers, three of whom have died. The protest was organized as a peaceful demonstration against the police-involved murders of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota earlier this week. Photos of the Dallas protest shooting are horrifying, and they show the heartbreaking situation in a broken community.

Of the officers shot at the protest, there have been multiple deaths and they were all reportedly transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. What should have been a peaceful demonstration of our First Amendment right quickly turned to tragedy when multiple shooters, who had clearly planned an attack on the local police officers, started firing from an elevated distance. Eyewitnesses told local CBS 11 news that they heard upwards of 30 rapid fire shots. One man, Michael Bautista, shared a Facebook Live video to his account when the shooting began. Police officers quickly evacuated all of the people from the streets of downtown Dallas and blocked off the surrounding areas.

Austin York, a man at the protest when the shooting transpired, described the scene as "like a war zone" to CBS 11. These photos and tweets from the Dallas protest shooting give a glimpse into the heartbreaking tragedy that shook the community on Thursday evening:

The Dallas officers who were killed at the protest have not yet been identified, but they represented both the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers.