11 Books To Read If You're Obsessed With YouTube

Sometimes, I sit down at my computer to get work done, and hours later, I have done no work but I have watched several dozen YouTube videos about books, cats, and everything in between. Who can help wandering into YouTube land, when there are so many amazing things to discover there — music, makeup, recipes, cute animals, and more??

It’s weird to think that YouTube didn’t even exist until 2005, because it’s now my go-to place for entertainment. These days, YouTube has far extended beyond funny cat videos. It's now a great place to discover wonderful new literature.

If you have a tendency to start doing work and then “wake up” to find yourself watching Jenna Marbles put on 100 coats of nail polish, you are not alone. Trust me, I’ve been there time and time again… so why resist the siren song of your favorite video website? If you want to let that YouTube obsession flow into your TBR pile… I’ve got you covered. From autobiographies written by your favorite vloggers, to works of fiction inspired by internet video, here is a list of great reads if you’re completely obsessed with YouTube.

1. Generation Next By Oli White

This light read follows protagonist Jack, who creates a new social media platform called GenNext that quickly goes viral. If you're a fan of Oli White's YouTube channel, you'll also be a fan of this YA novel.

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2. Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded By Hannah Hart

The second book by My Drunk Kitchen star Hannah Hart is out now, and it's a must-buy for fans of her YouTube channel.

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3. Illuminae By Amie Kaufman And Jay Kristoff

If what you like about YouTube is the nontraditional approach to storytelling, you'll love this YA book: Kady and Ezra break up, and immediately after, their planet is invaded. This futuristic story has everything from pink hair to enemy warships to artificial intelligence, and it's all told through collected documents, chats, and emails. The sequel, Gemina , is out now, too.

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4. I, Justine: An Analog Memoir By Justin Ezarik

This memoir is written by iJustine, one of the first vloggers on the YouTube scene who is also well known for being a "lifecaster," AKA someone who streamed her life 24/7. If you love YouTube, this is a can't-miss autobiography.

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5. The Epic Adventures Of Lydia Bennet By Kate Rorick And Rachel Kiley

If you're obsessed with YouTube AND books, chances are you've discovered The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an extremely addictive web series adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The story continues from Lydia Bennet's perspective in this fun read.

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6. Neuromancer By William Gibson

If you love YouTube because you're obsessed with all things ~interent~, then you can't miss this cyberpunk classic about a computer hacker, a mysterious recruiter, and one big target.

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7. Opening Moves By Cosimo Yap

A ton of the highest subscribed channels on YouTube are gaming-focused, so chances are you've stumbled across several in your time watching videos. And this sci-fi read is perfect for fans of gaming: Alan is a college student living in a post-alien-invasion Earth, and all he cares about is The Game, an immersive VR experience.

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8. Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr

Beauty and lifestyle guru Tanya Burr is back with this pretty and fun cookbook, with recipes ranging from salted caramel cheesecake to earl grey tea loaf. The only sad thing about watching baking videos on YT is that you can't actually eat the food... so remedy that right away and try these recipes out for yourself.

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9. On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

This book follows Evie Snow, an 82-year-old who must return to her 27-year-old self and unburden her soul before she can pass to heaven. This whimsical, romantic tale is written by vlogger Carrie Hope Fletcher and will charm you completely.

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10. Upload By Mark McClelland

Raymond Quan has a plan. No, it's not to upload a YouTube video. It's to upload his consciousness... into a computer. This sci-fi book will definitely appeal to fans of the digital realm.

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11. The Guild By Felicia Day And Tim Rugg

If you're obsessed with YouTube, you've probably seen The Guild, the iconic web series about the The Knights of Good playing the MMORPG video game The Game. Well, now it's available in comic form. You're welcome.

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