How Much Is The Ulta x Miss Fabulous Jenny Fox Eyeshadow Palette? It's A Total Steal

Ulta is getting in on the vlogger collab fun! The retailer has partnered with a digital influencer and while the partnership is not as high-profile as the champagne-drenched BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collection or the upcoming Too Faced x Nickie Tutorials palette, it will kidnap your attention. YouTube makeup queen Jenny Fox, aka MissJenFabulous, and Ulta have teamed up for the Miss Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette. This super pretty eyeshadow collection mixes both bright and neutral shades for totally customizable looks. It's available via Ulta as of Sunday, July 10. How much is this limited edition, slim case palette, which hosts 12 pans of eyeshadow perfection?

According to a press release that Bustle received from Ulta's PR team, the totally fab Miss Fabulous palette costs just $20. That means it is a supreme steal. You get tons of product for a legit bargain price. Because you can create so many unique looks with the colors contained within, you are getting so much bang for your buck.

UPDATE: Ulta's PR team confirmed that the palette is available online on July 10 and then in stores at the end of the month.

This palette is a special makeup moment and not just because it won't drain your wallet. The Miss Fabulous palette also marks the first time that the retailer has collaborated with a vlogger.

Miss Fabulous will be available through December and it boasts both matte and shimmery, glittery textures.

This palette is certainly not for those who avoid bright pops of color!

Fox notes in her caption that the palette is available online on July 10 and in stores on July 24. Also, the outer case in Fox's Insta photo is a different shade than the one in the photo provided by Ulta. It could have been a prototype or perhaps there are two different shells.

If you don’t know Jenny Fox, who really rocks rad nail art, here's a quick crash course. She has nearly a million YouTube followers and a serious knack for trendy and fun looks, which are evidenced by the slaytastic shades in her palette.

Images: Courtesy of Ulta (1); Jenny Claire Fox/Instagram (2)