When Is Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials Coming Out?

Too Faced is clearly on a quest to dominate the makeup universe with its latest news, which goes beyond the sold-out Peach Palette or the coveted PB& J palette or the upcoming Melted Matte Lipsticks or the just-teased Sketch Markers. It's right up there with the forthcoming Too Faced x Kat Von D Beauty collabo. Too Faced and Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials, the latter of which has almost 3 million subscribers to her mega glam YouTube channel, are partnering up for what will be a perfect pairing. Brand co-founder Jerrod Blandino confirmed news of Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials via a photo on his personal Instagram. When is the Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials collabo coming out and what is it?

Here's what we know. Blandino captioned the photo by saying that his brand and the makeup vlogger from The Netherlands, who has mad skills and can create any look or style, are teaming up for an "exclusive kit" that is due out in Fall 2016. The term "kit" could mean anything, from a palette to a more extensive set featuring even more products.

All I know is that Too Faced's packaging, formulas, and themes are fab. Watch any of the Nikkie Tutorials and you will walk away realizing that she is an artisan. Both brand and artist have killer makeup instincts. That's why this mashup will be magic.

Too Faced and Nikkie Tutorials are modern makeup icons in different ways. Too Faced is proving that anything is possible for a brand when you have vision, diehard customers, and the desire to do new things while Nikkie Tutorials is evidence that the combo of talent, hard work, and viral word of mouth can and will get you noticed in the digital age. This collabo is soooo modern.

Blandino posted another photo, noting that Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials will be available internationally, as well.

Watch Nikkie work her makeup magic in this quick and mega glam Insta video. You can check out her other majestic makeup videos via her Nikkie Tutorial's YouTube channel. She is a truly creative artiste and Too Faced is recognizing her abilities to transform her look over and over with makeup.

I am sure that Too Facers and Nikkie Tutorial devotees cannot wait to see what this "kit" that Blandino references ends up being.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1); Nikkie Tutorials/Instagram (2)