11 Reasons Shawn Booth & Kaitlyn Bristowe Should Be The Ones With A 'Bachelor' Spin-Off

Listen, Ben and Lauren, I'm real happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Shawn and Kaitlyn deserve their own TV show, because it would be the best of all time. Of all time. Let me start over. I'm sure we fans of the Bachelor Nation are aware that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got their own spin-off series after getting engaged on Higgins' season of The Bachelor. And while that's very exciting, and I'm in no world pretending like I won't watch — I haven't turned up my nose at anything Bachelor-related in years — I have to admit I was a little surprised at the choice of couple. Not that Ben and Lauren aren't adorable together, because they are, but if we're just handing out shows, then I can think of one couple in particular who should be at the top of the list.

I'm referring, of course, to Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, who began their relationship on Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette in 2015. Like Ben and Lauren, they got engaged during their season finale, and are still together post-show, even though they haven't yet gotten married, which is actually not all that common for this franchise these days. So they have enough in common that I'm pretty confident we could've just swapped out one for the other, and while I'm excited to see Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, here are 11 reasons I wish the honor of the first Bachelor couple spin-off had gone to Kaitlyn and Shawn.

1. They're Undeniably In Love

This is no shade on any other couple that's come out of this franchise, but the waves of attraction are palpable in these two. I've never believed in a couple more, they're my favorites and I think always will be.

2. It Wouldn't Be An Attempt At Publicity

There are a lot of rumors buzzing around that Ben is considering a run for office and that his and Lauren's show is tied into that; if given the choice, I'd rather see an actual behind-the-scenes show rather than a sanitized, season-length campaign ad.

3. I'm Addicted To Their Instagrams

You gotta check out the social media presence on these two. They seem to be together constantly, always doing the coolest things — it would be gross if it wasn't so adorable.

4. They Have A Dog

His name is Doodle, he's a golden retriever, and I'm always a proponent for more pups on television, so let's make this happen.

5. They Have Interesting Jobs

Shawn is a personal trainer and basically a fitness expert, so he'd have lots of helpful information to share with any audience who'd be tuning in to their show. And if there's one thing I love, it's getting fitness tips while I'm blissed out on the couch, elbow-deep in a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

6. They Understand Balance

But for every shot in which Kaitlyn and Shawn are working out, there's one of Kaitlyn relaxing with a glass of wine or a great plate of food or something. They honestly seem to be doing life right, and I want more of that positivity.

7. They're Probably A Lot Closer To Planning Their Wedding

Anna Marie on YouTube

This is one of the things we're supposedly going to see a lot of on Happily Ever After, but Kaitlyn's season aired around eight months before Ben's, so shouldn't she and Shawn be a lot further along in the process of wedding planning? I don't need to see you rushing down the aisle, Ben and Lauren. Feel free to take your time like Kaitlyn and Shawn. You have your whole lives together, after all.

8. It Could Be Here By Now

Again, going back to that eight month thing, Shawn and Kaitlyn have had a bunch more time since their season aired, so we could have the spin-off already instead of having to wait until the fall for Ben and Lauren's. Just saying.

9. It Wouldn't Distract From JoJo's Engagement

Assuming that JoJo Fletcher gets engaged in her season finale, I'd really want this Fall to be about her and the man she's chosen, without distraction from Ben. And imagine if she doesn't get engaged, or if her relationship doesn't work out — won't it be so frustrating to have all this coverage of the man who rejected her and the person he chose to be with over her? Eek.

10. Kaitlyn Is Hilarious

I mean, she's just such a funny person that she should have a show of her own anyway, regardless of her relationship. I've really missed her cracking jokes and just being silly on my TV, so I'd love to get some more of that on a spin-off.

11. They Already Basically Have A Series On Snapchat

Seriously, check them out, it's like a mini TV show starring them already. Kaitlyn's handle is @snapbackbean and it's the cutest ever.

That's all I'm saying, ABC executives. So just think about it. You wouldn't even need to cancel Happily Ever After, just throw us a sweet sweet Shawn and Kaitlyn series in the bargain.

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