Love These '90s Picks? Try The 8 Grown-Up Versions

by Taylor Fuller

The '90s were filled with so many different trends, and some of them are actually making a huge comeback right now. As a kid, I was definitely a bit spoiled when it came to beauty products in the '90s, and those nostalgic '90s beauty trends will always make me smile. While many retro '90s beauty products are still able to be bought online, there are also some modern upgrades of beloved '90s beauty products you should check out, if you, too, get excited by glitter lip balm.

While you probably spent a lot of time watching Boy Meets World or trying to find Carmen Sandiego, you also must have spent a ton of time trying to look like Cher Horowitz — or one of your other favorite 90's beauty icons. Between the heavily scented lotions and the glitter everythings (rollerballs, lotions, powders,etc.), the decade of grunge and bubblegum pop left behind some awesomely, crazy nostalgic '90s beauty products. In the past 25 years, the things that every 90s girl fell in love with may have become discontinued or revamped, but you can still own the looks you loved back then.

Add bright yellow “natural” highlights to your hair. Use body products that smell like watermelon and ice cream. Make your hair look as curly as you want. You rocked these beauty looks in the 90's, so why not give it another shot now?

1. Styling Gel For Super-Defined Curls

Mega Mega Hold Styling Gel by L.A. Looks , $5, Amazon; Deva Curl Light Defining Gel, $30, Amazon

I used to use way too much hair gel to scrunch my hair. I had a Costco sized bottle of L.A. Looks Mega Mega Hold Gel in my medicine cabinet. I would get out of the shower and douse my hair in the sticky gel, leaving me with crunchy, scrunched hair. Luckily, there are a lot better options out there these days that are much lighter and won't make your hair crunchy. Look for a product that is moisturizing and lightweight and keeps frizz at bay.

2. Food-Scented Body Lotion For Smelling Delicious All Day

Bath & Body Works Sherbet Shake Art Stuff Lotion , $21, Amazon; Philosophy Mixed Berry Tart Lotion, $16, Amazon

Remember the quirky line that Bath and Body Works used to have? It was called Art Stuff, and the products featured scents like watermelon, sherbet, and basically any really sweet scent. The line may be discontinued now, but you can still find body products in sweet, summery scents. This bright colored body lotion is full of antioxidants and natural oils to give you smooth skin and leave you smelling delicious all day long.

3. Lightening Spray That Works Just By Heading Outdoors

Sun in Hair Lightener , $7, Amazon; John Frieda Beach Blonde Sun Streaks Lightening Spray, $8, Amazon

Back in the day when you went to the beach, it was possible that you would spray way too much Sun In in your hair, and it would stop turning blonde and move on to an orangey color. Girls would have really streaky hair, and boys would only spray it into their little hair flips (that I'm sure they held up with L.A. Looks Gel). While you can still purchase the original hair lightener, if you're looking for a more sophisticated product, reach for a controlled lightening spray. This one is infused with natural lemon to give you a subtle sun-kissed look. You can use it with John Frieda's other blonde hair products to maintain your new 'natural' highlights.

4. Fruity Scented Lip Balms That Nourish & Taste Amazing

Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker Lip Balm , $9, Amazon; EOS Organic Lip Balm, $13, Amazon

Remember Lip Smackers? They came in crazy flavors, like Power Punch and Cherry Berry Ball, whihch would only make you lick your lips more (completely defeats the purpose of getting rid of chapped lips). You could find a tube of the heavily favored lip balm in the bottom of your backpack or your little plastic purse. But check out the adult alternative for deliciously flavored lip balms (sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, etc.) that offer your lips the moisture they need.

5. Bold And Bright Nail Polishes

Maybelline Wet Shine Nail Polish - Juicy Melon , $15, Amazon; Essie Nail Color Polish - Fruit Sangria, $9, Amazon

There were definitely a few different kinds of nail polishes that '90s girls everywhere would paint their nails with. But they were always in fun, bright colors. Maybelline Wet Shine nail polish offered you that "wet look nail color" in a bottle that was perfect for pre-teens. Even though you're all grown up now, bold and bright colors are making a comeback in a huge way. Reach for a long-lasting polish that's formaldehyde-free and comes in a similar cute little bottle.

6. Body Glitter That Adds A Little Shimmer

Scented Roll On Body Glitter , $30, Amazon; NYX Roll on Eye Shimmer - Nude/Champagne, $8, Amazon

In the '90s, my friends and I would put glitter all over our bodies. Roll-on body glitter that was meant for your eyes and maybe your cheeks would end up all over our necks, arms, and legs. You'd end up with patchy fragrant glitter spots all over the place. Now, you can reach for a roll-on eye shimmer that gives you a bit of nostalgia in a classier way. This makeup rolls easily onto eyes, plus you can control the intensity of the pigment yourself. If you're interested in a lot of glitter, keep on rolling.

7. Slick Lip Gloss That Seals In Moisture

Lancome La Petite Collection Juicy Tubes , $44, Amazon; ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipstick, $50, Amazon

After you graduated from using lip balm, you were destined to move on to lip gloss. And then you would get a set of Juicy Tubes as a birthday present. The sticky lip gloss came in several colors that were barely pigmented. It was the '90s girl's first step into makeup. Isn't it crazy that we were wearing Lancome products at such a young age? Graduate from lip gloss to liquid lipstick. Instead of a glossy, shiny look, you can apply a liquid lipstick with a matte finish that lasts all day. They are full coverage and intensely pigmented, giving you a more subtle look than the super glossy Juicy Tubes did.

8. Caboodles of Storage

Caboodles Cosmetic Organizer , $23, Amazon; Ikee Design Acrylic Cosmetic Storage (2 piece set), $17, Amazon

You had to have a place to store all of your awesome beauty products, and in the '90s, that meant a hot pink Caboodles Organizer. The plastic cosmetic organizer was your favorite thing to take out of the bathroom cabinet when a friend came over to play. Hopefully, you've continued to be as organized as you were in the '90s. There are a ton of different options for storing makeup, and this acrylic two-piece set is perfect for organizing all of your products. Keep your makeup in pristine condition with an organizer that allows you to have all of them in one place.

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