Can You Shop The New Glosses In Bulk?

Just when you think you couldn’t love the selection of lippies Kylie Cosmetics has to offer, they go and release more new products that you never knew you needed. You think, “where have these been all my life?” Even though just yesterday, you were perfectly content. So, by now you’re probably wondering, will the new Glosses have a bundle option? It certainly would make purchasing these lippies (and keeping up with this ever-growing brand) even easier, that’s for sure!

Last time Kylie Jenner launched lip glosses, three incredible nude shades dropped at the same time for $15 apiece. But, there was also a bundle option in which you could add all three shades to your cart with just one click for $45. Even now that there’s more inventory and more time to shop before products sell out, the lip gloss bundle is still available. It might not save you any money, but boy does it buy you more time! And time is precious, especially when shopping for lippies!

So, will the new glosses also come with a bundle option, too? I sure hope so! Jenner hasn’t announced if they will, but now that there’s four shiny new shades (Exposed, Posie K, Candy K and Koko K) you could expect to purchase all of these at once for $60. I know that Jenner’s working to make it easier to shop her products before they sell out, but you can never be too careful.

Fingers crossed that these glosses will come packaged together when they launch on July 15. Because seriously, I’m already feeling the pressure to snag these before they’re gone!

Being able to shop these in one fail swoop was such a life saver.

Since the mixing and matching power of these lip glosses is real (with liners and mattes) you're going to need all of them.

Come July 15, you collection will be complete, if you're quick enough!

Then, all that's left to do is to shop the liners to go with them. They do make for some killer combos, after all.

My pout is more than ready for these shiny shades. Bundle or no, bring 'em on!