Lucy The Free Spirit Wrote Juan Pablo A Song

On The Bachelor this season there was a contestant named Lucy Aragon and her occupation was "Free Spirit." She was on the show at a more innocent time when the producers thought they needed ridiculous gags like Lucy the Free Spirit topless in the pool, Lucy the Free Spirit topless at a photo shoot date, or Lucy the Free Spirit topless running down the street. The fact that they had her "job" listed as Free Spirit itself says that no one knew how crazy this season was going to get not because of gimmicks, but solely because of Juan Pablo Galavis being an uncontrollable kissing machine with no filter. I thought, save The Women Tell All episode, I would never hear from Lucy again, but that has all changed because Lucy the Free Spirit made a song called "Ess Okay" about Juan Pablo. And, you guys, I know that's a lot to take in, but it is even more amazing than it sounds.

Lucy the Free Spirit describes the song as "A Bachelor Reject anthem.Original music and lyrics by your favorite free spirit Lucy Aragon." In the video she is topless with only her flowing locks and ukulele (of course this involves a ukulele) covering her chest. It sounds like it would be ridiculous and funny because it's ridiculous, but it's actually funny because Lucy's lyrics are hilarious and well-written. And her voice isn't half bad either.

Some highlights include Lucy mentioning some of the other guys from Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelorette ("Drew, Zak, and Robert, You’re my boys and I love ya/ You shoulda been the bachelor because we all wanna fuck ya") and her calling out Juan Pablo's anti-gay comments with this an awesome line about Kelly the Dog Lover ("Sent Kelly packing 'cause she had funny things to say/ And you probably didn’t like it that her papi was gay.") It's also great how she's so reassuring that there are no hard feelings for anyone.

Okay, I'll shut up now. You really just need to watch this for yourself.

Image: ABC