'Below Deck' Chef Ben Gets Emotional Over Julia

by Kayla Hawkins

Ben Robinson has shown plenty of emotion on this (and every) season of Below Deck, from yelling to laughing to being passionate about his cooking. But it looks like he soon shows a side not often showcased on camera: Ben actually cries in this Below Deck Mediterranean exclusive clip while talking to Hannah. The reason he gets a little teary ties back to what happened between him and Julia in the previous episode. Ben reveals in the video that he doesn't want his costars to judge him for his privileged background, since he claims he tries his best to do everything he can on his own.

That's a whole different attitude than seen previously in the way he teased Julia in the previous episode, saying that she's good at cleaning after she accurately judged that he grew up well-off while she did not. Seems like Ben doesn't have great judgement about how to deal with his insecurity about how he grew up and how he chooses to live his life now. Lashing out at Julia and condescendingly correcting her manner of speech is not the solution, but it is interesting to see his reaction later as the emotion of the moment catches up with him. I guess now we know why Ben has spent so much of his time working with international crews. In addition to his love to cooking, it seems that he's trying to get away from his upbringing.

Hannah immediately goes over to comfort her coworker and friend, but to see how the rest of the crew reacts to Ben's meltdown, you'll have to watch the season's 11th episode on Tuesday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Image: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo