9 College Welcome Week Memes That Explain Exactly Why The First Week Of College Is The Greatest

If you haven't experienced your first welcome week yet, get excited, because it's the most wonderful week of college you'll ever have. If you need some further explanation, these college welcome week memes will help you out. The one important thing to keep in mind: you will probably be exhausted at the end of it, and in the best way possible.

Welcome week is the week before classes begin. Everybody is living on campus, but no one is having to worry about classes or homework yet. There's usually quite a few parties happening in the area, as well as a seemingly endless list of official welcome week activities that are organized by the school. The free swag is everywhere, as are free barbecues, free dances, and free events. Simply put, it's a week of free fun.

College can get to be pretty stressful once finals week rolls around, and even mid-way through the quarter when the homework is flowing and the lectures are never ending, so make sure you truly take the time to embrace welcome week for everything that it is. Make friends, get fed, enjoy free stuff, and party like there's no tomorrow. If you do, you'll know exactly what welcome week is all about.

Yup, I did too.

Welcome week is the best week of the school year? True.

Let's face it... orientation leaders are just too nice.

You're going to want to prepare for it now.

So. Much. Free. Stuff.

Just excited for welcome week.

NYU, UCLA, Baylor... it doesn't matter the school. The schedule is always insane during welcome week.

Good thing there's welcome week!

And get some vitamin D.

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