Khloe & Rob Are Almost BFFs Again On 'KUWTK'

by Nicole Pomarico

The worst thing about the rift playing out between Rob Kardashian and his fam after his surprise engagement announcement on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? The fact that he and Khloe aren't as close as they used to be. After living together for so long, these two used to be so close, and their banter used to be some of my favorite moments from the show. But now, things are different, and it seems like they may never get better. Or will they? On Sunday's new ep, Khloe and Rob finally cleared the air, and it seems like they could have a future as besties again.

If you've been watching this season, you already know that Khloe has been really upset that she and Rob aren't talking like they used to — and that he decided to get engaged without telling her (or the rest of her family) first. And he has been hanging out with Lamar, so it's easy to understand why she'd be upset. But after talking to Lamar about the situation, he decided to talk to Khloe about the situation himself. Is this going to happen? Are they finally going to be the most adorable brother and sister duo that has ever graced reality television again?

As promised, Rob came over to talk to Khloe, and it was definitely awkward. At first, their conversation was punctuated by a lot of silence... until Lamar suggested they go out to dinner with Blac Chyna. Wait, what? This was supposed to be about Khloe and Rob, right? So how did Chyna get into the picture?

Khloe refused pretty much immediately, because she wants to hash things out with Rob before they throw Blac Chyna into the equation. Rob ideally wants her to get along with his future wife, because duh — it's his sister. But eventually, he settles for coming over to hang with just her and Lamar, and it's a good step in the right direction.

Maybe with Lamar as the mediator, these two will finally make some progress? Please. I need to see Khloe and Rob teaming up to make fun of Kris again as soon as possible.