"Elliott Rollins" May Be A Fake Name On 'PLL'

I have to admit — I was a little worried when Pretty Little Liars went from solving the ordeal of who had been torturing the liars to trying to solve Charlotte’s death. At first, it just didn’t hold the same magic for me, and then — boom. Hanna gets kidnapped and Mary Drake and Dr. Elliott Rollins concocted their dastardly plan. Or should I say, Mary Drake and the man who stole Elliott Rollins’ name concocted their dastardly plan. The good old doctor has really shown his evil side in the last few episodes, including the fact that he’s posing as a dead man, leaving us with one very important question: What is Elliott Rollins’ real name on Pretty Little Liars?

It's time to start figuring these things out because Rollins crept up on us. Who thought Rollins would become so bad in such a short amount of time? At first, I was all, “I’m so happy Ali found someone who loves her!” That quickly turned to, “Damn, this guy is absolutely crazy.” Not only did Rollins have Ali committed in order to steal all of her money, but he’s drugging her and making her seem crazy. Luckily for Ali (kind of), Rollins took her out of the mental hospital (presumably to murder her), and she escaped, and then the liars hit Rollins with his car, killing him (we think). Phew. This was all happening at the same time that Toby figured out that Elliott Rollins had a moving violation in 1958, so unless Rollins is pulling some Age Of Adaline mess, Rollins is not the Rollins.

While I don’t know what Rollins’ actual name is, I have a hunch that his surname will become more and more obvious — my prevailing theory is that it's Kingston, as in Wren Kingston. When Rollins pulled off that Detective Wilden mask, he revealed himself as English and a super villain — is he the second English villain on the show? Here’s why I think it's pretty likely that Wren and Rollins are cut from the same cloth.

The Obvious One: They’re Both English

So, not all English people are villains (or related), obviously (unless you’re in a Bruce Willis movie), but how many English people moved to the very small town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, to work at one of the many (or so it seems) mental hospitals in town? Why Rosewood? It’s not a big city. Why wouldn’t you move to Philadelphia or New York or Boston or anywhere but Rosewood, especially if you’re coming from across the pond. No — Wren and Rollins were meant to land in Rosewood, mostly because they, two evil English brothers, planned it. They’re out to hurt the liars.

They Both Have Access To Mental Hospitals

Wren was always suspicious because he was lurking around Radley, doing rotations or something. Radley was a mental hospital, and what kind of regular doctor just hangs around a mental hospital? What’s up with that Wren? Monitoring Ali and Mona’s Radley progress? On the flip side, Rollins was Charlotte’s doctor, giving him full access to all kinds of drugs and personal information. I think both men are targeting mental hospitals in Rosewood for the same reason — to get revenge on someone in the town.

They Both Have Some ‘Splaining To Do

Rollins is actually English, has been poisoning Ali, has a trunk full of scary equipment, and was in love with Charlotte DiLaurentis before she died. Wren kissed Spencer (his fiancée’s little sister) and Hanna, possibly stole files from Radley, and disappeared to London when the eye of the tiger was on him. Does any of this constitute normal behavior? I don’t think so. Wren and Rollins are both hiding something behind their charming British accents.

So Rollins isn’t Rollins, but is he a Kingston? Do we actually know anyone’s real name on Pretty Little Liars? We’ll have to wait until I. Marlene King tells us the truth.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy; prettylittleliars/Tumblr (2)