Benedict Talks 'Sherlock' With Andy Murray

What does one do immediately after Wimbledon 2016 comes to an end? Talk about an important television show with the series' lead star, of course. That's exactly what happened on Sunday, when Benedict Cumberbatch and Andy Murray met after the tennis professional won Wimbledon for the second time. After shaking hands and praising each other for their talents (Cumberbatch also gave a partial bow to Murray, as one does), the 29-year-old athlete inquired about something extremely important: Sherlock. That's right, Murray just had to talk the hit series with Cumberbatch, who plays the titular character.

Murray inquired about Cumberbatch's schedule and what he's up to currently, to which the 39-year-old actor responded, "I'm doing Sherlock." Of course, Murray showed his happiness by making a fist and shaking it excitedly. That's how true fans of the show react. Clearly, the tennis star has great taste in TV.

Murray then asked Cumberbatch, "How many episodes?" Like the first three seasons, he answered about Season 4, "Only three." To that response, I'm sure Murray is feeling like most other Sherlock viewers — bummed. It kind of blows that each season consists of only three episodes. Even though each episode is around 90 minutes, it would be nice to have more. Plus, it's been way too long of a hiatus since the end of Season 3, which came to a close in February 2014. Yeah, there was a Sherlock holiday special in January, but still.

Oh well, I guess fans should just be happy and take what they can get. As for spoilers for the upcoming season, Murray did not get any out of Cumberbatch. Maybe next time.

Until then, I'm sure all Sherlock fans will bask in the glory of just hearing Cumberbatch utter the show's title and the fact that Murray loves the series just as much as every other fan.