Get The Olympic Women’s Gymnasts’ Snapchat Names

by Michelle McGahan

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination. But once the Summer Olympics roll around, I suddenly turn into a rabid fangirl with an unquenchable interest in everything #TeamUSA, knowing Ryan Lochte's exact time on the 200M freestyle, buying Alex & Ani Olympic bracelets (and wearing them all year round) and mentally glaring daggers at anyone who dare post Olympic spoilers on social media. And by far my favorite sport to watch during the Games is women's gymnastics. Which is exactly why, with the announcement of this year's Fierce Five, the world (me) needs to know exactly which U.S. Women's Olympic gymnasts are on Snapchat. So I can live vicariously through them and pretend to be one.

Since this will be the first Olympics with the widespread usage of the ever-addictive app, the Olympians' Snap stories will undoubtedly be packed with behind-the-scenes footage of their Olympic journey — silly face swaps with teammates, geofilters that will make the rest of the world green with envy, amateur videos of teammates' routines that make it seem like the rest of the country is actually right there with them. And since the U.S. Women's Gymnasts are some of the youngest Olympians at the Games, this means that their Snapchats will be lit AF. Just in time for the Olympics — opening ceremony is on Aug. 5 — get the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team's Snapchat usernames below (and while you're at it, go ahead and follow Bustle on Snapchat at bustledotcom).

Simone Biles (simonebiles)

Frequently described in terms like "the greatest female gymnast of all time" and "the world's best gymnast," Simone Biles is the gymnast to watch in Rio this year — and so are her Snap stories, which are filled with all of the BTS action fans could ever want.

Gabby Douglas (gabbydoug)

Already an Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas is back for more medals in Rio. And this time, she's back with Snapchat. #Blessed, TBH.

Aly Raisman

If returning Olympian (and gold medalist) Aly Raisman does have Snapchat, her username is not publicly known (boo). Fortunately, we can get our fix from the official #TeamUSA Olympic Snapchats, like usa_gym and USOlympic.

Laurie Hernandez

It's clear from her tweets that the 16-year-old New Jersey native is on Snapchat, so she should probably announce her username — if only so the world can get their #TeamUSA fix.

Madison Kocian

Like her teammate Aly Raisman, it's unknown if Madison Kocian is on Snapchat (at least, it's not listed in her official Team USA bio). But no worries here: I have a feeling she'll be popping up in Biles and Douglas' Snaps — as well as the official Olympics Snap stories.

Go for the gold, ladies — and while you're at it, also go for the puppy filter. (Always a good choice.)