Leave Limp Hair Behind With These Styling Staples

Discovering my first ConAir flat iron changed the way I spent my teenage years. In 2002, if my hair wasn’t bone straight and wispy, I didn’t want it. Finding the best hair volumizing products had yet to have been an issue — that was, until years of pressing my naturally curly hair straight left me with a problem: flat, damaged hair lacking any and all volume.

It turns out, getting hair volume is a good — no, great thing. With a few face-framing layers here and a little volume boost at the root there, the best products for hair volume can turn your hair into a bonafide statement. Unfortunately for me, and many of my limp-locked sisters, volume doesn’t come easy these days. If you were to open my bathroom cabinet, cans of hairspray and dry shampoo would tumble out and topple you over.

Through years of trial and error, I’ve figured out that avoiding further damage and embracing my natural texture (and the va-va-volume that comes with it) is the best way to get the gravity-defying hair I want. Whether you plan on letting your hair do its own thing, or if your hair’s own thing happens to be sitting flatly atop your head, these are some of the best hair volume-boosting products to give you hair that goes through the roof.

1. If You Use Too Much Heat, Invest In A Great Heat Protectant

Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Hairspray, $19, Amazon

It’s no mystery that using heat tools on a regular basis will create the damage that causes lifeless hair. This heat protectant coats your hair without silicons, sulfates, or oils, and puts a barrier between your hair and the scorching plate of a curling wand, while adding shine.

2. Instead Of Letting Hair Fall Flat Overnight, Wrap Your Hair In Velcro Rollers While Sleeping

Conair Mega Self Holding Rollers, $7, Amazon

While you're in the midst of your getting-ready process, leaving your freshly blow dried hair wrapped in rollers gives it some added oomph that'll last throughout the day. If you're extra-committed, try sleeping in them at night. It's a retro move that results in babely volume.

3. Instead Of Lathering Up With Foamy Shampoo, Wash With A No-Suds, Detergent-Free Formula

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado Plus Quinoa Co-Wash, $32, Amazon

A foamy shampoo that leaves your hair squeaky clean may seem like the best bet for flat hair, but it actually strips your hair of the good oils it needs, which makes your scalp produce even more oil that weighs it down — it's a horrible cycle! Instead, use a gentle co-wash shampoo that cleanses, conditions, nourishes, and detangles all in one.

4. If You're Settling For Greasy Strands, Absorb Oil With Dry Shampoo

Psssst Instant Spray Shampoo, $3, Amazon

While some oil is good for healthy hair, over production of oil due to excess washing will leave you with greasy, limp hair. This dry shampoo is the classic talc-free formula that has been a beauty staple for years.

5. Instead Of Doing The Bare Minimum, Treat Your Hair To A Restorative Mask Once A Week

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Fine Hair, $33, Amazon

If your thin hair is feeling particularly damaged, give it a boost with a nutritious mask made especially for thinning hair. This French conditioner has a light blend of proteins and fatty acids that won't weight your hair down.

6. Stop Using Outdated Tools — Update Your Blowdrying Technique

Revlon Perfect Heat Volumizing Turbo Styler, $18, Amazon

Sometimes it's the tool, and sometimes, it's all about how you use it. Blow drying your hair upside down will create more volume at the root, and this blowdryer's cold shot button will set your blowout for volume that lasts longer.

7. Instead Of Ignoring Your Roots, Hit 'Em With A Root-Boosting Spray

L'Oreal Paris EverStyle Volume Lifting Root Spray, $10, Amazon

By adding a spritz of a boosting spray to your roots as you blow dry, you'll be building thickness and giving extra hold to your style. This formula is alcohol-free and 100 percent vegan, so it won't be doing any unnecessary damage, either.

8. Stop Thinking Clip-Ins Are Just For Length — Throw In A Few For Added Body

Emosa Remy Clip In Extensions, $20, Amazon

Most people only think of hair extensions for adding Rapunzel-like length, but if volume is what you're after, find some clip-ins that match the length of your natural hair. They'll blend in flawlessly, all while adding extra thickness.

9. Instead Of Settling For A Blah Haircut, Create Faux Layers With A Texturizing Spray

KMS California Hairplay Playable Texture Spray, $14, Amazon

Getting a haircut with lots of layers will make your hair look thicker, but if you're scissor shy, a texturizing spray that lets you manipulate your strands will give the illusion of piece-y layers.

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