New 'Veronica Mars' Stills Take Us Back To The World Of Neptune, Just Where We Belong

It's so close, you guys. Can you feel it? Can you almost hear the acidic wit from here? It's exactly ten days until the Veronica Mars movie hits theaters and VOD — are you ready? I'm ready. I am so ready.

The film premieres at the SXSW festival in Austen, but the rest of the US gets access to it come March 14, a year and a day after the launch of that historical Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign. In preparation, Warner Bros. has released a whole smorgasbord of new stills from the movie. So let's check up on some peeps and their situations, shall we?

Images: Warner Bros

Our girl V, back where she belongs

Let’s start with the classic: Veronica uncovering Neptune’s secrets, not pretending that she really wants to be a lawyer.


What do you think the chances are that Mac’s not living in Silicon valley and/or NYC, working for Google and/or the queen of a wildly successful tech start-up? I’mma go with nil. I mean, just look how cool she looks.

Keith Mars, Cliff McCormack, Dan Lamb

AKA: Neptune’s resident hero (Veronica’ll join his ranks by the end of the movie, trust), Neptune’s resident adorable defense attorney, Neptune’s resident doofus.


WEEEVIILL! He’s been absent from a lot of the promotional materials, which I’m hoping has more to do with plot twists than a lack of Weevil. Because let’s not front: Weevil is great.

Late night kitchen heart-to-hearts

“I promise I didn’t murder my girlfriend, Veronica.” “Ugh, I know, but damn Logan, maybe stop getting yourself accused of murder, it’s kinda sketch.”

Piz seems to be getting some bad news

I’m gonna guess this is either an “I’m not coming back to the city in time to meet your parents” talk or a “Oops sorry boo totally fell back into bed with my high school boyfriend” talk. Sorry, Piz.

Once again someone seems peeved by Veronica

As Logan once said, “annoy, tiny blonde one! Annoy like the wind!”

Elementary, my dear Wallace

Wallace doin’ how Wallace do: Favors for Veronica.

OTP eye contact

The brooding is palpable. Wanna take bets on the chances the word “epic”s used in this scene?

(You can see more images over at Collider.)