The 2016 Emmy Nominations Snubs That Hurt The Most

The ultimate heartbreak of an awards show starts as early as the nominations, when our favorites are not even so much as nominated. What can I say? This year in television is no different; some of the 2016 Emmy nomination snubs are especially hurtful.

Snubs are not only about hurt feelings, of course. With two years in a row of #OscarsSoWhite at the Academy Awards, compared to the record-breaking number of POC winners in acting categories at the 2016 Tonys thanks to Hamilton and The Color Purple, the Emmy Awards have the opportunity to demonstrate progress in terms of diversity and awards representation. Who was and wasn't nominated this year is especially important as a part of that conversation.

Plus, with so many networks and so many streaming platforms offering top-notch television these days, there is just bound to be more snubs than nominees. You and your best friend could be equally devoted to television watching and easily not overlap on a single show. There's so much out there, like, is it even funny to make fun of Modern Family for getting multiple nominations every year? Here are some of the nomination omissions that really made me scratch my head and frown.

Krysten Ritter, Jessica Jones

I understand that it's a Netflix series about a superhero, but her performance transcends genre — and there's no reason to be ashamed of genre in the first place!


Constance Zimmer was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, but the show and Shiri Appleby were both snubbed.

Orange Is The New Black

The Netflix series was only nominated for a single Emmy this year, for casting. Granted, Season 3 was not as strong as Season 4, but the fact that it didn't receive a single acting, directing, writing, or show nomination is shocking.

The Leftovers

Regina King, Justin Theroux, and Carrie Coon at least deserve nominations, as well as the show for its haunting second season.

Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

She won a Golden Globe! How is she snubbed at the Emmys. Ridiculous.

Show Me A Hero

I mean mostly I, like you, want to see Oscar Isaac at another awards show. But shallowness aside, this was a good miniseries that, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane The Virgin, got a lot of love at the Golden Globes and then vanished into thin air.

Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin

Seriously, again?

More to come...

Images: Van Redin/HBO