What Is A Pokestop Exactly?

by Allie Gemmill

In case you haven't heard, it's the age of "Pokemon Go" and Millenials couldn't be happier. Embrace this magic moment or risk being excluded from the zeitgeist at your own peril. "Pokemon Go" seems to be taking over all of our lives (mine included) and honestly, playing this beautiful game seems way more fun then sippin' lemonade on a hot beach. Why? Because the most attractive feature of "Pokemon Go" is that it gets players off of their couches and out into the real world. Just like your avatar, you — the player — must go out into broad daylight and make sure to hit up all the major hotspots in your area if you stand any chance of catching all your beloved Pokémon. Simply put, this is the best kind of gameplay, hands down. But you'll quickly realize, dear player, that one major part of "Pokemon Go" are the Pokestops. Wait, what the heck is a Pokestop?

Have no fear, m'dear! Pokestops are your friend; embrace them. Pokestops are part of what make "Pokemon Go" such an innovative game. A Pokestop is earmarked thanks to your GPS. They can take the form of literally any landmark and can pop up in a great number of public places. Places like churches, gyms, malls and parks all have the ability to be marked as Pokestops. Just remember that while your phone may vibrate when a Pokemon is around for the catching, that doesn't necessarily mean you've hit a Pokestop.

It might be helpful to make note of the major landmarks in your area before you go out a-hunting. There have been reports of Pokestops taking the form of police stations or people's actual homes IRL, so always take note of where the game is leading you. In the game, Pokestops take the form of floating blue cubes that you can tap on to get the picture of the real-life location counterpart. This will help keep you focused during gameplay.

Alright, think you've mastered what a Pokestop is? Then what are you waiting for? Get out there and start catching all the Pokemon your heart desires.

Images: Watchmojo.com/ Youtube; Giphy