Actually, Bradley & Irina Had Fun At Wimbledon

You can't believe every headline you read. For example, over the weekend at Wimbledon 2016, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk made headlines for a supposed "fight" they had while watching Sunday's tennis match between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic. Cameras caught the two in a what has been described as both a "tense" and "awkward" moment that appeared to show Cooper not looking the happiest, while Shayk seemingly wiped away a tear. However, a source told E! News they were not fighting and Cooper's ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse being in attendance was also not an issue. The source said, "They were not fighting. Everything is fine." Well, to prove just that, then why not take a look at photos of Cooper and Shayk at Wimbledon that show they actually had a great time at the tennis championship?

Whatever was happening between the two at the exact moment they were filmed remains to be seen, but there are a ton of explanations. Easily, Shayk could've had something in her eye and Cooper was looking at her to see if she was OK. Or, you know, maybe they were both tense and overwhelmed with sitting directly next to Benedict Cumberbatch. Hey, the Sherlock actor has that affect. Or, maybe, they were just tired, uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty, or any other number of reasons for not sitting pretty and with smiles plastered on their faces. I know it's hard for some to comprehend, but not everyone walks around in life looking happy 24/7. Yes, the same goes for celebrities.

Anyways, don't let this one moment define Cooper and Shayk's relationship or time at Wimbledon, because it certainly doesn't. With that, here are some super adorable and fun photos (including that header image) of them having a blast at the tournament.

The Same Day As "The Fight"

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Hmm... they sure look OK. BTW, yes, that is Hugh Grant to the right of Shayk.

The Cuddle Session

Look at those smiles.

The Longing Look

She can't stop staring at him.

The Emotions Of Wimbledon

It definitely made them feel things, but mainly happiness.

The Chat With Roger Federer's Wife

Mirka Federer looks just as happy as Cooper and Shayk.

The Day After "The Fight"

FYI, they're holding hands, which must mean things are still A-OK between the two.

Believe what you want, but Cooper and Shayk sure seem to have had an overall great time at Wimbledon.