We Finally Get A Legit Look At Harry Styles' Hair

Since that now infamous day when he debuted a cut-off ponytail on Instagram, we've yet to get a proper look at Harry Styles's new short hair, but new pictures just came out of Harry Styles on the set of Dunkirk, according to Teen Vogue, finally giving us a legit look at it, and it's even better than you would have thought.

Though we've seen photos from the set before, they didn't give us the best view of his new hair, and every time we see him out and about, he seems to have a hat on (what's up with that?!), so it's safe to say, we've been seriously lacking in a legit reveal of the singer's short hair, but these latest photos definitely do the job. Pictures were taken from the set of his new WW2 movie, Dunkirk, this past weekend, and not only did we get a frontal shot of his short hair, but we're getting to see it from all angles. And it so beautiful.

From the side, you can definitely tell that it's almost shaved, so that's really short for the 21-year-old, but the top is longer, and still has a bit of that floppy messiness that he (also, we) loves:

Adorable, but wait until you see it from the front:

For anyone who wasn't sure how they'd feel about his hair being short, this should alleviate all your concerns. It's literally perfect, and I may even like it better than his long hair. What is happening?!

Add in that smile and like, ugh. Dead. So cute.

I'm not sure what his plans are post-filming, but I would not be mad if the short hair was here to stay.