Quinn Still Has Rachel's Back On 'UnREAL'

by Kaitlin Reilly

UnREAL may be set against the backdrop of a Bachelor-esque reality competition, but the real power couple on the series isn't Everlasting's suitor or any of his wannabe brides. The ride-or-die pair whose relationship we're obsessed with on UnREAL is that of producer Rachel and her cutthroat boss and mentor, Quinn. The reality TV makers may be manipulative, self-serving, and borderline evil at times — just ask any of the Everlasting contestants — but these women are more than just those unsavory traits. If there's one thing that fans have learned from two seasons of UnREAL, it's that Quinn really does love Rachel — even if she doesn't always show it in the warmest ways. In this new clip from UnREAL , Quinn proves no one messes with the lady she has a matching tattoo with — and the way she does means Jeremy better watch his back.

Tuesday's episode "Infiltration" finally saw Jeremy's anger and possessiveness towards Rachel come to a head. When Jeremy learns that he has been demoted, he believes that his ex-girlfriend Rachel is the one who gave the orders for his step down. Though that's not the case, Jeremy goes after Rachel and violently assaults her. The physical assault got Jeremy fired (good riddance) but there's no doubt that it will leave Rachel with more than just bruises. Fortunately, Jeremy's firing isn't his only punishment: he'll also have to deal with the wrath of Quinn, as seen in this new clip from UnREAL's new episode "Casualty." Better watch your back, Jer:

Quinn's takedown of Jeremy proves that she still cares deeply for Rachel, despite the fact that their friendship and working relationship has been fraught with tension. Jeremy isn't wrong to point out that Rachel went behind Quinn's back to take back Everlasting, but even a woman as prideful as Quinn knows that physically abusing a woman outranks that woman's work betrayal. Quinn and Rachel may make a dangerous team at times, but this clip makes me so glad that, at the end of the day, these women have each other in their corners.

Image: Lifetime