Is Alison A.D.? This Clue Suggests She Is

by Kaitlin Reilly

I don't know about you guys, but I am so not on board with the "trusting Alison" train. Though Pretty Little Liars has set Alison up to be far more victim than villain, the former Rosewood Queen Bee might not be quite as innocent as she seems. Though it's likely that Alison didn't really murder Charlotte like the Liars suspect (she never admitted it, and until I see a fatal flashback, I'm not buying the red sweater evidence) that doesn't mean that Alison isn't bad news. But is she the baddest bad of them all? It's all so unclear right now, but new evidence from Reddit suggests that we should watch our backs around the manipulative blonde. Could Alison be A.D., also known as Uber A? A new clue from Pretty Little Liars Season 4 suggests she might be the biggest Liar of them all.

If Alison has been on your radar ever since you saw the initials A.D. pop up on the Liars phones — her initials are the same as the person who has been stalking the girls, after all — then this piece of evidence from Season 4 might be all you need to create one big endgame theory. This maybe-evidence, uncovered by Reddit user RooRiot, is reportedly a screencap from the episode "Cover For Me," and it shows Paige holding up a letter she is giving to the police about Alison, with Alison's address on it — or, rather, the address of "A.D. Incorporated." Hmm.

Obviously, Alison could have been using her own initials like most people would in this situation, but we can't totally rule out this seemingly obvious clue. After all, we literally saw Charlotte in a black hoodie, engaging in tons of shady A-like behavior and wrote it off as a red herring. Could this clue be like that? Could the show be making Alison as A.D. so glaringly obvious that fans obsessed with finding clues can't help but think that it's just a touch too easy? It's certainly possible.

Fans of the PLL book series already know that Alison was Rosewood's ultimate villain, and though the show doesn't follow the books closely, we can't totally write off that fact. After all, Mona was the original A in the books — it could be a clever homage to make Alison the ultimate villain as well.

Right now, I'm going to be that Alison isn't actually A.D. — I'll need more proof and motive than just this singular P.O. Box. Still, should the clues start piling up against Alison, there's a very real chance that this master manipulator has been playing us all.

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