8 'PLL' Uber A Theories That Will Make You Think

History has a funny way of repeating itself and no one knows that grim fact better than the Pretty Little Liars. Just when they thought their lives would no longer be tormented by A, a new Big Bad has popped up in its place. But not just an Big Bad, mind you — an Uber Big Bad, who is determined to uncover Charlotte's murderer... or else. But who is Uber A, you may ask? That is the question that's been plaguing both the Liars and fans since this time jump started. As a result, there have a been a ton of Pretty Little Liars Uber A theories to come out of the woodwork and make us question everything we thought we knew about this series.

Not that PLL fans aren't used to being in the dark, of course. In fact, we've have over five seasons of practice at it. But that's not to say that these theories — no matter how far stretched some of them may seem — won't help us to eventually unmask this new foe once and for all. So as a way to help keep our thoughts and theories organized, I've taken the liberty of rounding up our most prominent Uber A suspects below. Odds are, our new villain is hidden somewhere among this shady crowd and it's only a matter of time until their true colors are shown...

1. Sara Harvey

Sara has been acting shadier than usual in light of Charlotte's death (like staying in her old room at Radley that leads to an underground lair). Granted, making her Uber A seems a little too obvious, given fans haven't trusted her since the day she came out of that dollhouse, but it's important not to rule anyone out on this show, which puts her on our radar until further notice.

2. Andrew Campbell

Hey, remember that super tech-y guy who hates the Liars and has been caught stalking their activities in the past? Yeah, that would be the one and only Andrew Campbell, whose family farm seems strangely connected to the DiLaurentis family for still unexplained reasons. There's more to this guy than meets the eye, you mark my words.

3. Alison DiLaurentis

This girl has a long-standing history of lying. In fact, back during her Queen Bee days, it's what she was best known for. And while she seems to have changed her ways for the better on the surface, there's no telling what she may really be up to. (Does a lying leopard ever really change their spots?) Considering how much she cared for Charlotte, as Tumblr user pllsugar points out, it's possible this incident has made her revert back to her conniving ways and become desperate to uncover the truth behind her sister's death, by any means necessary.

4. Mona Vanderwaal

Being trapped in a dollhouse can really change a person, and not necessarily for the better. In fact, it could even make someone revert back to their old (and much eviler) ways. Maybe this is less about avenging Charlotte and more about resuming power over the villainous mantle she once held with so much pride. And according to a recent interview Janel Parrish had with ETOnline, she thinks that her character is still more than playing of playing the game again.

5. Dr. Rollins

This guy has close ties to both Alison and Charlotte. Is it possible that Ali wasn't the original sister he was in love with? Could he just be using her to get to the Liars without arousing suspicion? We've learned in the past not to trust mysterious and attractive doctors (cough, Wren, cough), and Dr. Rollins could be in keeping with that theme. And let's not forget about that Scarlet Letter clue.

6. Lucas Gottesman

This character has never been a main player, but he's always been there in the background since Season 1 and it's STILL hard to get a read on his intentions even after all this time. Sure, he seems like a nice friend, offering up his apartment to Hanna. But maybe there's more to it than that. Maybe he wants to keep tabs on her and the Liars as part of his A-centic plans. Plus, there's the fact that his body type seems to fit the person in that old man mask rather well...

7. Wren Kingston

We know now that Wren had a deeper connection to Charlotte than we ever realized. That has to lead to something, right? Come on, writers — give the people what they want!

8. Someone's Twin

Thanks to a recent tweet by I. Marlene King herself, fans know that someone's twin will be introduced within the next few episodes. And while we have no idea whose twin this will be, it could very well be the identity of Uber A him (or her) self. Until then, only time will tell.

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