'EJNYC's Maya Is Doing Well For Herself

E.J. Johnson certainly proved that he was the breakout star from the E! reality series, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. For me, it was love at first sass. When I found out that he was heading to New York to pursue his career in fashion, it was only logical to believe that a reality show would quickly follow. Well, lucky for us, the universe heard my request and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills spin-off EJNYC was born. We all know that E.J. is doing pretty well for himself, but he has also gathered a cast of successful characters to join him in his adventure. For example, one of E.J.'s best friends Maya McHenry, a fashion photographer and model, will make her reality show debut. So, what is Maya's net worth?

Maya is currently attending Parsons to major in fashion photography. She has actually already had some serious success in her chosen career. Most notably, she had a spread published in Nylon. According to indeed.com, a fashion photographer in New York City can expect to make around $52,000. That's certainly not a bad living, but these girls are living like millionaires, so where is the rest of her income flowing from?

Luckily for her, Maya has also found success as a model. Salaries and pay for models in New York very pretty widely. I would say we can go by what glassdoor.com lists as the hourly wage for a fashion model in New York City: around $350 an hour. That's definitely a good living to be making while going to college. Since Maya is seriously stunning, I'm assuming she makes the higher end of any pay scale. Girlfriend is fierce.

She is living the dream of any fashionista in New York City. She has found success, both in front of and behind the camera, and that is no easy task. The industry that she has chosen to go into is a tough one and often an unforgiving one. Maya obviously has the chops to go far, and I'm sure we'll see more of her photos popping up soon.

Images: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment