Frank's Sexist Behavior Is All Over 'BB18'

Remember Frank? Yeah, he was Fan Favorite of BB14, a player remembered for his intense physical abilities in the game and his expert strategy, who's back this year as part of Big Brother 18's returnee twist. When he first arrived, it seemed like a pleasant surprise — a chill contestant who just so happens to be a strategy expert? Sounded great. That is, until Frank started showing his true colors and those colors turned out to be very nasty indeed. You see, Frank is a primo example of a "nice guy." A guy, who despite pretty much constantly disappointing and insulting the women in the game, has absolutely no idea that he's doing anything wrong — something that makes for wildly frustrating behavior that's incredibly difficult to stop. Perhaps more upsetting than the fact that Frank seems to have no idea what he's doing is incorrect is the fact that neither do some of the other guys in the house. Case and point: James defending Frank to Natalie by saying he's "a good guy." What exactly has been going on? I've gathered up all the times Frank's sexism has showed up on Big Brother 18 , both on the show and on the feeds. (And it's pretty disturbing.)

1. That Time He Told Natalie To Go On A Diet

Because, you know, women's bodies are totally his job to police. Gimme a break.

2. That Time He Talked About The Women's Chests

If his running commentary on women's bodies wasn't enough, he also made sure to comment on both Natalie and Day's chests, telling Natalie "your nipples are disgusting," while leering to Da'Vonne that her "t**ties [were] lookin' right."

3. That Time He Literally Slapped Zakiyah and Day's Bodies

Yeah. I know. Are you throwing things yet?

4. That Time He Said He'd Drop A Girlfriend if She Gained 15 Pounds

What. The. Actual. Hell.

5. That Time He Sexually Harassed and Then Literally Made Day Cry

Lest you think his gross comments were harmless, don't forget: Da'Vonne promptly broke down in tears after Frank sexually assaulted her. If he had hit her anywhere else, he'd be sent packing over assault. Get this dude out of the house, ASAP.

6. That Time He Just Slut-Shamed Everyone

Calling out Da'Vonne and Zakiyah for doing precisely nothing, the only person Frank actually shamed here was himself.

7. Oh, And That Time He Body-Shamed Nicole

For some reason — perhaps because Nicole is one of the most relaxed people in the house — Frank can't seem to give her a break. First, he dogged her for apparently having a "mustache" (so what?) and then, after a bout of crazy fun that ended in Nicole getting such a laugh attack she wet her pants, Frank cut through the fun to make sure he called her "disgusting."

8. That Time He Couldn't Deal With Being Told He Was Wong

Even if you don't remember Dan from Big Brother 14, it's enough to know that after Michelle vocally talked him up in front of Frank, the guy got hot under the collar for close to no reason. Eventually, he snapped at her, calling her “unreasonable” and claiming that “she didn't see the positive side of things." He ended things by promising, “This is why I’m voting you out when I get the chance because you’re so unreasonable.” Stop, Frank! Just stop.

9. And That Time He Refused To Apologize For Any Of It

After the whole Day fiasco, Paulie sat down with Frank to tell him what happened wasn't totally cool. Instead of apologizing, Frank defended himself like he hadn't done anything wrong at all. “It’s just the way I grew up, bro... I might be the old man of the house, but I’m a kid at heart, and I love this game and so while I’m here, I’m going to have as much fun doing it.” Cool. Fun.

10. That Time He Was Borderline Abusive

One look at this pool "horseplay" and it's easy to see... Nicole isn't having fun at all. In which world is this OK? Nicole later referred to the incident by just saying that "sometimes his jokes go a little too far." I feel sick.

11. That Time He Let His Sexism Even Control His Game

On top of it all, Frank's misogyny is affecting his game and strategy. Here's some of the super-sexist stuff he said about Tiffany: “Tiffany’s confrontation, she’s overly emotional, and that is a big question mark in my book.” Not only that, but he's been using Bridgette as a pawn these last couple weeks, which doesn't sit right with me at all. Get outta there, Bridgette!

12. That Time He Didn't Respect "No"

If it wasn't enough that Frank literally made Day cry, she actually asked him to stop. On the cams, you can hear Da'Vonne shouting "Stop hitting me on my ass, Frank!" In response, he just laughed, and said "she's not serious." (Also, he grabbed Natalie by the neck like it was an OK thing to do. Make it stop.)

In short, Frank sucks. Get him out of here.

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