What Happened On Frank Eudy's 'Big Brother' Season? 'BB14' Helped Him Make History

Big Brother Season 18 opened with a few twists, the first of which was the return of four houseguests from the past. These contestants from previous Big Brother seasons surprised a brand new crop of houseguests in the season premiere, including America's Favorite Houseguest of Big Brother 14 , Frank Eudy. When Frank first entered the house in Season 14, he was a pretty polarizing houseguest, but he was also one of the season's biggest threats. Frank is known as one of the best competitors ever to appear on Big Brother, and now that he's back for more, anything could happen.

Frank, the son of wrestler Sid Vicious, came in seventh in BB14, lasting a total of 62 days in the house before finally succumbing to eviction, but that doesn't mean he didn't leave a lasting impression on the competition. Frank holds the record for most competitions won in one season of Big Brother, with three Head of Household competition wins and three Veto wins under his belt. He was such a big threat that every week he wasn't HoH, he was put on the block for eviction, despite having two alliances — Silent Six and Chilltown. Frank escaped eviction so many times, he was nicknamed "the man with nine lives."

Frank might have been a star player, and he was voted America's Favorite Houseguest, but not all audiences at home worshiped the ground he walked on. A particular point of contention came when he cheated during a veto competition and whispered the answer to fellow contestant Britney. He explained what happened in that moment to People and said, "I wanted her to get that one right so badly, that I almost vocalized it unintentionally. I knew that if she guessed it right and didn't take the punishment that I would win the veto."

But it's a whole new season of Big Brother, and with Frank's reputation as a star player, it's likely he'll win America's hearts once again.