The Best Morning Routine For People Who Get Sweaty

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If you’re looking to sweat less during the day, the answer might just be in your morning routine. Ever had one of those hectic mornings where you’re running around, pounding down a cup of coffee, and even when you’ve finally reached your work desk (which happens to be situated underneath a fan), it takes you a few hours to cool down and stop sweating so much? Same, and my shower and workspace are roughly 20 feet apart.

Your body has a natural rhythm, and it’s got a lot of influence over your internal temperature. From early morning when you wake up to late afternoon, your body temperature is on the rise. Those extra few degrees help you to feel alert and awake, but they also cause your sweat glands to go into overdrive.

It’s important to realize that sweating is a totally natural function, and it helps your body to cool down and detoxify, so blocking it out with unnatural and synthetic solutions isn’t always the best way to go. That being said, stress levels, diet, fabric choice, and hygiene habits can also heavily influence the amount you sweat during the day, and these things can all be altered during your morning routine to keep you fresh and dry all day.

1. Instead Of Antiperspirants, Try Probiotics

Organic Island Deodorant with Probiotics, $12, Amazon

Antiperspirants use aluminum compounds to block up your sweat glands. Not only is this super unhealthy, but your body can become immune to it, producing more and more sweat (and in other places on the body). Organic Island deodorant uses all natural ingredients, as well as probiotics, which are healthy bacteria that, when placed on the skin, keep the odor- and sweat-causing bacteria under control. Reviewers tend to be pretty united: “the best deodorant I have ever found for body odor!”

2. Use A Natural Body Spray With Lemon

Indigo Wild Zum Mist Lavender-Lemon Aromatherapy Spray, $10, Amazon

Lemon oil is a popular DIY-fix for excessive sweating, as the citric acid eliminates bacteria and leaves a fresh smell. Indigo Wild Zum's lavender-lemon aromatherapy spray is made from 100 percent natural essential oils, including lemon, to keep you fresh and lavender to lower your stress levels. It’s safe to spray anywhere, including your body or your surroundings, and people say it’s got a healthy, light, and pleasant smell.

3. Absorb Sweat With Natural Materials

Garment Guards, $16, Amazon

Natural materials are much better when it comes to dealing with sweat because they allow for evaporation, while synthetic ones trap the moisture and the odor. If you’re stuck wearing nylon or polyester, grab these garment guards. They’re made entirely from breathable cotton, and they adhere easily to shirts, blazers, and more. They’re also disposable and nearly invisible while you’re wearing them.

4. Drink Tons Of Water

Staying well-hydrated keeps your body temperatures where they should be, meaning that you’ll sweat less during the day. It’s also important for flushing toxins and waste products out of the body, so by adopting good hydration habits, your sweat will smell more mild over time. Drinking 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your body, as it boosts your brain, metabolism, and filtering organs.

5. Skip The Coffee And Reach For Herbal Tea

Stash Acai Berry Herbal Tea, $13, Amazon

Caffeine boosts your body temperature and your sweat glands, so switching to an energizing caffeine-free tea first thing in the morning could help you keep cool and fresh all day. Stash's acai berry herbal tea is a great option, as it’s got B vitamin-rich acai berry (a natural form of energy and a sweat stabilizer), as well as an herbal fruity blend that’ll reduce stress. Reviewers love it because it’s delicious, strong, and healthy.

6. Go Hairless For Less Sweat

Braun Silk Epilator, $35, Amazon

Body hair has a tendency to trap sweat, as it accumulates on the follicles. The pro-hair movement is in full swing (and I’m fully supportive of it), but shaving daily could help you feel dryer and fresher all day. Personally, I just invested in this Braun silk epilator, and I’m loving it. It’s got a 20-tweezer system that plucks the hair from your legs or underarms, and because it doesn’t grow back for weeks, daily shaving becomes obsolete.

7. Keep Cool, Especially In The Morning And Afternoon

Creaker Electric Small Portable Mini Air Conditioner, $16, Amazon

Your body temperature is actually a few degrees higher from early morning to late afternoon, so keeping cool while you’re getting ready could stop the onslaught of mid-day sweating. This Creaker Electric small portable mini air conditioner is a cute little tool to use during breakfast, while drying your hair, during your commute, or at your desk. It’s battery or USB-powered and delivers a constant stream of super cool air, and it’s got adjustable speeds and a rotating wheel.

8. Be Really Careful When Choosing Your Soap

The Yellow Bird Lavender Soap Bar, $10, Amazon

You might feel like you’re cleaning yourself well with an antibacterial soap, but stripping the natural oils and flora from your skin will actually make you feel dirtier, as bad bacteria flourishes and oil production increases. During your morning shower, reach for a healthy, natural soap like The Yellow Bird lavender soap bar. It’s got tons of healthy oils and nutrient-rich fats that cleanse your skin while moisturizing it, and it’s great for even the most sensitive skin.

9. Avoid Stress With A Morning Meditation Routine

AM Meditation, $3, Amazon

When stress sets in, the apocrine glands start producing sweat, and this type of perspiration can smell worse than the overheating kind. A morning workout and meditation is an awesome way to keep stress levels under control and regulate body temperature. This AM Meditation is led by yoga instructor Rodney Yee, and it guides you through a gentle yoga warm-up and a relaxing morning meditation to center your mind, ease your nerves, and prepare you for an effortless (and dry) day.

10. Eating Spicy, Caffeine-Rich & Salty Foods Can Cause Sweating

Certain foods are way more likely to make you sweat. These foods include: spicy things, caffeine, salt, sugar, and processed foods. A well-rounded diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins means that you’re getting all the essential nutrients and B vitamins that help to regulate all bodily functions — including sweat.

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