9 Sneaky Ways To Sweat Less This Summer

When it comes to fighting summer sweat, the struggle is real. Morning, noon and night, the perspiration doesn't seem to stop, from the moment you wake up to the moment you decide it's just too hot for pajamas. If you're one of those girls who knows what I'm talking about, just know that you're not alone (sweaty foreheads, unite). But it doesn't have to be that way for us! There is salvation and no, it doesn't mean having to wear one of those fan hats all day or constantly sticking your head in the freezer. There are simple solutions to our non-stop sweating.

Obviously, skip the sweaters. And maybe don't run five miles before you have to meet a friend at a bar for drinks. Simple stuff like that is a no-brainer when it comes to being perspiration-free during warm weather, especially if you use deodorant. However, I get the wariness to use any synthetic stuff, especially with so much recent chatter about antiperspirants maybe causing cancer and whatnot, even if there's no conclusive evidence so far. Check out these other sneaky ways to beat the heat — and avoid those pit stains. Not a great look.

1. Avoid Spicy Foods

Step away from the Sriracha, drop the Tapatío and don't even think about adding extra peppers. When you're eating spicy foods, there's usually one culprit in there causing you to sweat: capsaicin. It's the major spicy chemical in peppers that sends signals to your brain that your body is overheating. This activates receptors in your body to cause a reflexive cooling response — AKA sweat — to cool down your body.

2. Don't Drink Caffeine (Especially in the form of HOT coffee)

Caffeine is actually a major sweat trigger. It stimulates the central nervous system, activating sweat glands. The more caffeine you have, the more likely you'll sweat. That's even more true when you have it in the form of a hot Americano or hot green tea (though if you're looking to cool down for real and don't mind a little sweat, then hot coffee is the way to go). If you're out and about and are in dire need of caffeine, stick to iced or decaf versions.

3. Wear Cotton Or Silk

If you decide to wear sweat-inducing fabrics like polyester and acrylic, you're asking for it. Stick to light cotton threads or even moisture-wicking fabrics (athleisure wear is so hot right now) to make sure your body stays cool.

4. Use Garment Shields

Want to wear that super cute white blouse, but afraid of the sweat that will surely leak through the armpits? Garment shields know what's up. Just place the self-adhesive apparel shield inside the underarm area of your top and it'll help you stay fresh and, most importantly, dry.

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5. Hold the Salt

In addition to ditching the hot sauce, I suggest putting a pause on dishes high in sodium. When you consume large amounts of salt, your body works hard to get rid of the excess sodium by sweating. Do yourself a favor. Reach for the low-sodium soy.

6. Reapply Deodorant Throughout the Day

Don't just apply deodorant when you're feeling sweaty and rushing out the door in the morning. In fact, it's even more effective to swipe it on when you're feeling dry, because it helps the antiperspirant get into your pores and block future perspiration. Throw it into your purse and reapply after lunch or before you head out for happy hour. Not into the stuff in stores? Make your own.

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7. Slather on Some Lemon Juice

If you're looking for a natural alternative to clinical antiperspirants, lemon juice is the perfect at-home remedy. Squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl and apply it on your armpits before you go to bed. It'll absorb into your body, helping to fight sweat and making you smell nice and citrusy.

8. Get Zen

Sweating can not only be stressful, but can also be caused by extremely stressful situations. Staying calm and collected definitely helps your body stay cool. Try finding a moment of zen in your day to meditate. Practice your breathing, which helps calm down your nerves and as a result, lessens your sweat production.

9. Shave Yourself

If you're a supporter of the pro-hair movement, by all means, skip this tip. Seriously, more power to you. However, it is a known fact that sweat tends to accumulate around the hairiest parts of your body. I'm not just talking about the locks on your head. I mean your underarms, legs and private parts. Not only does sweat tend to happen here most, it also develops a really bad odor. Keeping yourself hair-free in those areas will not only fight the sweat, but will also make you stay clean and fresh-smelling.

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