The 19 Best Lisa Moments From 'Vanderpump Rules'

If someone could be deemed "Reality Television VIP," the title would undoubtedly go to Lisa Vanderpump. Not only is the she the queen bee on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she also rules over her spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules, where she serves as voice of reason. By that, I of course mean she dishes out a ton of tough love to the SURvers, who bring a seemingly endless supply of fights, problems, and hookups to her restaurant. Lisa isn't even a catalyst for drama on Vanderpump Rules, instead having the luxury of commenting on everything that happens at SUR and laying down the law when needed. And though the spinoff may seem like the Jax Taylor show sometimes, there have been so many amazing Lisa Vanderpump moments on Vanderpump Rules throughout the past four seasons, it's clear that she's the one running things.

Lisa is in the best position on Pump Rules — she's the boss. No one ever dares to fight with her, and she can just fire anyone who gets her angru. Although the employees sometimes return to her restaurants and/or home to stir up drama, she's the one running the show and spews out some killer one-liners in the process. Here are Lisa's 19 best Vanderpump Rules moments — so far.

1. When Lisa Told Stassi Why She Doesn't Hate Her

In Stassi Schroeder's eyes, Lisa is her nemesis, but it is so clear that Lisa doesn't spend much time thinking about her. She gave Stassi the most backhanded reassurance of all when she said the former SURver isn't "important enough to hate."

2. When She Put James In His Place For Talking About Jax

James thought that he could go off about how much he hates Jax in front of Lisa and her son Max, but Lisa was not there for it and completely destroyed James. Even when the staff isn't at work, Lisa is still the boss.

3. When She Confronted James About His Behavior & Made Him Cry

Lisa has always had a soft spot for James, but she was so over his nonsense and made (arguably) her cockiest employee cry. It was shocking to see him so humbled and that's an effect only Lisa could have.

4. When She Gave Jax Some Sarcastic Advice

When talking to Jax about him constantly getting into trouble, the only advice Lisa could think of was for him to quite literally change his brain.

5. When She Was Unimpressed By Tom & Tom's Business Pitch

Lisa gives Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval a fair chance with everything they try to do, but she could not take them seriously when they barely tried to impress her while trying to pitch business ideas for her alcohol line.

6. When She Confronted Jax About His Arrest

Lisa has helped Jax more times that I can count, but after he was arrested in Hawaii for stealing sunglasses (a charge he later plead guilty to and as a result was given probation and ordered to pay a fine, as reported by People), it was clear that she'd had enough. From the second he walked in the door to explain what happened, Lisa was just not having it. She even said, "I'd offer you a drink, but you don't deserve one." It seems that instead of serving drinks, she served up some serious shade.

7. When She Said Brittany Was Too Sweet To Date Jax

Lisa did not hold back at all when she the group was discussing Brittany Cartwright dating Jax. LVP said, "She just seems too sweet for him in my opinion." Well, damn. That may be a compliment for Brittany, but it's certainly not one for Jax.

8. When She Questioned Stassi's Intentions

Viewers may have been skeptical of Stassi when she returned to Vanderpump Rules, but it turns out that was nothing compared to Lisa's feelings. She had no issue with confronting Stassi during the reunion, calling her apology "disingenuous," which lead to a bit of a tiff that Andy Cohen had to moderate.

9. When She Gave Schwartz Amazing Relationship Advice

Lisa gave Tom Schwartz a great tip for marriage when she said, "Sometimes it's better to be wrong and happy than to be right and sleeping on the couch." She has a point.

10. When She Reacted To Tom & Tom's Tattoos

I don't know about you, but even if I ever, for some reason, decided to get a tattoo on my butt, I absolutely would not show it to my boss. Needless to say, Lisa was pretty shocked when both Toms showed her that they got some new ink on their behinds. She even said, "I thought these guys were stupid, but every time they take stupidity to a whole new level." Well, she's not wrong.

11. When She Ran Into Kristen At Scheana's Wedding

It was beyond awkward when Lisa and Kristen Doute ran into each other at Scheana Marie's wedding after Lisa fired her. Kristen had the nerve to tell Lisa that she never liked her, and Lisa coldly replied with, "I never liked your attitude."

12. When She Suspend Tom & Kristen & Fired James

Lisa showed that she is not one to mess with when she suspended Tom and Kristen from work in the middle of a meeting with the entire staff. She also called out James and fired him in front of everyone.

13. When She Confronted Stassi For Leaving SUR

When Stassi left SUR she didn't seem to keep in contact with many of the other cast members, and Lisa did not let her get away with that, calling her out for not speaking to her, and making Stassi go down the list of SURvers and explain why she was no longer friends with them.

14. When Jax Told Lisa That He Was In Jail

Jax may be late for work a lot, but he actually had a good excuse this time, as he explained to Lisa that he had spent the weekend in jail. She thought he was joking, but once she realized he wasn't, she could not hide her feelings about how ridiculous she thinks he is.

15. When She Responded To Kristen's Ultimatum

Kristen actually gave Lisa an ultimatum of firing her or Ariana Madix at SUR. Lisa laughed off the request and said, "Is Kristen out of her mind giving me an ultimatum? I'm the boss for God's sake. She's not going to tell me how to staff my own restaurant." Lisa is not one to be told what to do.

16. When She Talked About Her & Ken's Wilder Days

When reminiscing with friends, Lisa talked about how different Ken was back in the day. She even said, "Ken in his heyday made the SUR staff look like pussycats" and went into more detail about their lives before they were married.

17. When Lisa Warned Kristen About Staying On Her Good Side

Lisa always knows how to put Kristen in her place and it involves this epic side-eye.

18. When She Consoled Stassi After She Slept With Jax

Lisa had a weird combination of sympathy and indifference when it came to dealing with Stassi crying over Jax when they were romantically involved. Lisa even said, "I've been there, I've soothed her, I've wiped away her tears. I can't do that every other day. It's a joke." Talk about telling it like it is.

19. When She Fired Frank

Almost everyone hated Frank in Season 1, so Lisa finally firing him was such a glorious moment.

Lisa might not be at the center of the storylines on Vanderpump Rules, but that doesn't make her role on the series any less memorable.

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