Jill Stein's Twitter Blast On Sanders' Endorsement

While many Democrats were thrilled that Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Tuesday at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, many outside the party took issue with the united front. While Donald Trump took to Twitter with his trademark bombast, he got a run for his money from the Green Party's Jill Stein, who criticized Sanders and Clinton in her own series of tweets. While most of her ire was directed at Clinton — whom she has openly and repeatedly taken issue with — Stein also implored Sanders to take another route.

Stein tweeted, "Many Berning hearts are breaking right now" around the time Sanders and Clinton took the stage together. Stein then tweeted that Clinton was a "faithful servant of the top 1%. We need to escape this trap where the political establishment supports corporate oligarchy." In tweets from earlier Tuesday, Stein also referred to Clinton as a "war monger" and said "While Trump praises dictators, Hillary takes their money."

During Sanders' endorsement of Clinton, Stein proceeded to express disappointment in the Vermont senator for backing the presumptive Democratic nominee, calling him out while also complimenting him in her own way. She tweeted, "I wish Hillary believed what you believe, @BernieSanders. But it just doesn't pass the laugh test."

It makes sense that Stein saved most of her heat for Clinton. Stein has publicly courted Sanders, asking him in an open letter to join the Green Party presidential ticket in April, even offering just a few days ago to let him "lead the ticket." Stein also attacked Clinton for not making Sanders her running mate. (Clinton has not yet announced her vice presidential pick, though Sanders is not usually on the reported shortlist of candidates.)

Stein's tweet are certainly snagging some extra attention for her campaign, but whether it will win her some voters still feeling the Bern remains to be seen.