8 Weird But Genius Hair Curling Tools That Work

When it comes to weird hair curling tools that actually work, I’ve watched just about every YouTube tutorial there is. There’s something so therapeutic about making a hot cup of tea, snuggling into bed late at night, and watching… a random girl get her hair eaten by one of the best hair curling tools on the market? Oh, it’s supposed to do that; thank God.

The beauty world has come a long way from your basic curlers and retro metal curling irons, ladies. In fact, just the other day, my mother was telling me that her mom used to sit her down in a chair on a Sunday afternoon, wrap her hair in rags, and douse her whole head in beer. Not a hipster conditioner product with beer in it. Just beer. Apparently, the curls last for days that way. So does the smell.

Thankfully, this generation has options. Now that curly hair is back in style, technology has been spitting out great hair curling irons, wands, and wavers left and right. Some of them don’t exactly look normal, but advancement means change, right? Check out these awesome and effective new tools for curling your hair, even if they might look a little intimidating at first glance.

1. This Modern Curler That "Eats" Your Hair

LuckyFine Hair Curler, $47, Amazon

The LuckyFine hair curler doesn’t look like your average curler, and that’s because it’s not. It essentially sucks your hair into that bulb-looking shape there, and when you release it, you’ve got a tight and beautiful curl each and every time. Reviewers love it because it’s super fast, really convenient, and requires no skill whatsoever.

2. The 'Sith Lord' Curling Wand Set

Zealite 3 in 1 Hair Curling Wand, $28, Amazon

This Zealite 3 in 1 hair curling wand looks less like a beauty tool and more like a Sith Lord starter pack, but it works great because it’s made of high-quality professional tourmaline ceramic for a great curl with less damage. It comes with a safety glove and three different sized barrels for everything from beach waves to tight curls, and reviewers simply love it.

A Rotating Curler That Grabs Your Hair

Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler, $26, Amazon

The Kiss Instawave automatic hair curler is not a torture device, but in fact a rotating curling iron that catches your hair in the prongs and spins it around until it’s adequately wrapped around the ionic ceramic curler. Reviewers say it cuts down their styling time immensely, and it’s been called the “holy grail” of hair tools.

This Little Tool Covers All Your Bases

VAV 3 in 1 Hot Hair Brush, $30, Amazon

On first glance, I’d think this VAV 3 in 1 Hot Hair Brush was one of my mom’s styling brushes from the '80s, but it’s actually a curler, straightener, and crimper (someone flag down Lizzie McGuire) all in one. It’s great for all hair types, has a safety shut-off function, and is one of the few tools out there that “does exactly what you want it to do,” all the time, according to reviewers.

Get Heat-Free Curls With These Spirals

Curlformers Long Spiral Curls Styling Kit, $47, Amazon

The Curlformers long spiral curls styling kit is not, in fact, a box of multicolored spaghetti. It’s a heat-free way to curl your hair overnight. You use a hook to pull your hair through the tubes for tight bouncy curls by morning, and people say they’re crazy easy to use and really help tame the frizz.

Check Out This Inappropriate-Looking Curling Iron

SexyBeauty Professional Spiral Curl Ceramic Curling Iron, $20, Amazon

I’m not even going to make a visual comparison here because it’s not particularly PG. The SexyBeauty ceramic curling iron is an awesome and easy way to curl your hair because it holds your hair in the grooves, unlike your basic curling iron. It preheats really quickly, and gives volume to even the straightest hair.

Set Your Hair While Looking Like Super Mario’s Toad

Hair Flair Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer, $14, Amazon

What’s good, E.T.? This bonnet hair dryer is a quick and easy way to set your rollers right away, so you don’t even have to sleep with them. Your blow dryer connects to the end of the long tube, and heats the inflatable chamber you’re now wearing on your head. Your hair dries quickly, your curls set in minutes, and there’s no frizz or hassle.

Get A Great Set Of Modern Curlers

Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers, $20, Amazon

These Conair instant heat volume rollers might look like a modern incubator, but they’re actually a great way to add a little volume to your hair. Five jumbo-sized hot curlers give you loose and bouncy curls in no time at all, and the compact holder fits easily on any bathroom counter and heats up in less than two minutes.

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