How Did 1D's Niall Horan Meet His New GF?

Now that news of Niall Horan's new girlfriend Celine Helene Vandycke has hit the Internet, fans are using their expert sleuthing skills to figure out how this couple got to a point where they're taking loved up photos at a Mumford & Sons concert at Hyde Park. They surely looked to be very comfortable around each other, which comes as a surprise to many Horan fans, because he's been very quiet about his dating life in the past. The new photos are no doubt causing fans to wonder how Horan and Vandyke met, because she is not part of the music business herself.

While information on who Vandycke is is a bit easier to come by, the details of how exactly Horan and Vandycke met are still very mysterious. We do know a few things about Vandycke already, though. According to E! News, she received her bachelor's degree in European Law from University of Exeter in 2016 and may or may not be also enrolled in a program at Université de Rennes in France.

In looking at their history, so far, there are only a few photos of an outing in Portugal in June, which Horan fans on Twitter quickly recognized as Vandycke:

They do not look exceptionally cozy in these photos, which lead many fans to speculate that he might have met her in Portugal during the trip.

Vandycke does indeed have a connection to Portugal. On what appears to be her LinkedIn page, she lists International School São Lourenço in Algarve, Portugal, as where she attended for her primary education She was also at Stage School in Algarve, where she taught dance classes, while also being proficient in the Portugese language. An interesting detail to consider is that the photos where Horan was spotted in last June were at Bovino Love Brunch at the Bovino Steakhouse... in Algarve. Hmm. Is this all a coincidence?

This could either mean that they met in Portugal or that she brought him there because of her connection to Algarve, specifically. For now, the only speculation that is confirmed is that Horan was spotted with Vandycke in mid-June, and now they're making out in public at Hyde Park in London, so they seem to like each other — a lot. From her education and work, Vandycke seems to live a very multicultural life, splitting time between England, France and Portugal, so she might just be the perfect girl to keep up with Horan — or the other way around.

Images: niallhorantheirish/Tumblr