1D's Niall Horan Has A New Lady Friend

by Daniela Cabrera

Well, One Direction fans, it seems like one of your boys has got himself a proper girlfriend during this hiatus. Serially single Niall Horan is reportedly dating Celine Helene Vandycke, and the two were photographed sharing many kisses and moments of PDA at a Mumford & Sons show at the British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park. The two lovebirds look seriously cozy, so it's not far-fetched to think that they've been dating for a bit. And it is really cute! Since Horan has always been more under-the-radar with his relationships and lady friends, the question is begging to be asked: Who is Vandycke?

Because of his lack of public dating in the past, Horan must be very serious about Vandycke to already be so open with their relationship. As 1D fans know, being a girlfriend of a One Direction member can be a very difficult and trying situation, but it seems like Directioners are mostly elated with the news that Horan is dating a "normal" woman. And if they keep having appearances like the one at the music festival, she is about to become very well-known. Here are some facts about the Belgian student, so you can get to know her a bit better.

1. Yep, She Is A Student

E! News reported that she was listed as a "European Law graduate from the University of Exeter" on what appeared to be her LinkedIn account. The LinkedIn profile, which has now be deleted, also reportedly stated that she is studying law at Université de Rennes in France, so sounds like she is a multi-cultural student, indeed.

2. She's Traveled With Horan Already

1D fans were quick to uncover photos of Vandycke and Horan together in Portugal last month, although no one knew that she was a love interest at the time.

3. She Has A Taste For EDM

As E! News points out, Vandycke's Soundcloud account shows songs she has posted, including artists Flume, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, and Kaytranada. It seems like this girl likes to dance and party, and so does Horan, so this is a good match already.

4. Her Social Media Is Private

Probably anticipating the whirlwind that would follow, Vandycke's Instagram is private. A fan account already has pointed out that Horan follows her real account on his Instagram.

5. She Is Comfortable in Front of The Camera

1D fans already uncovered a promo video she starred in for the University of Exeter and she seems to be a natural in front of the camera. Good thing: She is going to have to get very used to the lens now.

6. She Is A Very Smart Lady

The Sun reports that 22-year-old Vandycke is studying law and spent a year in France studying Luxury Management at the HEC Paris business school. The Sun also reports that Vandycke speaks three languages fluently: English, French, and Dutch. She also reportedly lists having conversational skills in Portugese and Mandarin on LinkedIn.

7. She Is A Dancer/Choreographer

According to her reported LinkedIn page, back in 2010, she was a dance teacher at Stage School Algarve in Portugal, where she created choreography and taught the children dancers. She reportedly used this experience to be a Performance Squad Choreographer for the Exeter University Dance Society in 2014.

Well, Vandycke seems to be a super smart, well-rounded, and down-to-earth person who the 1D fandom actually likes, so Horan got himself a very good one!