This 'GG' Photo Could Be An Important Spoiler

There’s nothing better than a night in Stars Hollow and takeout from Al’s Pancake World. And, fittingly, in the latest image from the Gilmore Girls Instagram feed, those two things are celebrated in full force. But, could the image — which doesn't appear spoiler-y at first glance — actually be more than that? Stay with me here, but I totally believe the latest Gilmore gram reveals a lot about Lorelai’s current life in the Gilmore Girls revival. Capturing the inside of Lorelai’s house, the image shows all of the best things of being Gilmore: A night in with takeout on the couch. But that isn’t the only thing that this image captures. With only two containers of takeout on the shelf, the picture could tell fans a lot about what Lorelai’s life is like these days in Stars Hollow.

Just think about it: Those Gilmore girls like to eat a lot of takeout food. In one episode alone, they ordered every item off the menu just to see which things they liked best! So, to see a takeout order in the Gilmore house with only two items — one container of lo mein and one container of fried rice — could tell us a lot about what Lorelai’s life is like in the revival.

Like, perhaps, the fact that Lorelai might be living alone these days? With only half of the Gilmore girls' typical takeout order from Al’s Pancake World shown in the picture, this Gilmore Gram could be hinting at the fact that Lorelai is living all by herself in Stars Hollow. That means no Rory crashing on her couch in a quarter-life crisis, and — more significantly — no Luke sharing her living quarters like many fans suspect. Even though some people have speculated that Luke and Lorelai will be engaged in the Gilmore Girls revival, this image makes it look like Lorelai is living all alone in her house in Stars Hollow.

Well, if her takeout order is any indication.

Of course the picture could also mean that Lorelai is ordering dinner just for herself, and not necessarily that she's living alone. Luke could be working the late shift at the diner, or be refusing to partake in Lorelai’s habit of eating super greasy food — something which he has been openly critical of in the past.

Whatever the case may be, all of these Gilmore grams are getting me even more excited for the Gilmore Girls revival. Each one is like a little window in to Stars Hollow, and I for one can’t wait for the next.

Image: Netflix; Giphy