Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lip Restock Is Going Fast

You want a flawless face, a killer colorful eye, and some bomb lips? You want Jeffree Star, and apparently, everyone else does, too. Jeffree Star Cosmetics restocked some of its most popular liquid lips on Tuesday night, so if you're wondering are Jeffree Star's restocked liquid lipsticks sold out yet, you've got reason to worry. Despite their popularity, not all of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks have flown off the virtual shelves yet which means you just may still have time to snag a color you've been lusting after.

On Tuesday, Star announced on his Twitter that he was doing a surprise restock for four of his most popular Velour Liquid Lipsticks: Androgyny, Rose Matter, Mannequin, and Celebrity Skin. Like the rest of his liquid lipsticks, each of the four lippies feature gorgeous matte finishes, but they're also all totally on trend right now. From the stunning mauve of Androgyny to the amazing nude of Celebrity Skin, each restocked shade is totally in right now, so it's no wonder why the required a restock.

But are the restocked Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks sold out? Currently, not all of them. As of Tuesday night, Mannequinn and Rose Matter were still up for grabs. For fans of Androgyny or Celebrity Skin, though, you're, unfortunately, out of luck until the next restock.

It's difficult not to draw comparisons between Star's cosmetics brand and another eponymous brand known for restocking. With similar matte finishes and some similar shades, the two brands are hard not to compare. Plus, Star made headlines not too long ago when he attempted to swatch the original Kylie Glosses on his Snapchat.

No bad blood exists between the two parties, though. Plus, if you were one of the lucky few who were in on the original launch of the Kylie Cosmetics, you can probably thank Star for the new gloss you got in the mail. After he — and multiple others — recognized the issues with the applicators, Jenner replaced all former sales of the glosses.

Regardless of whatever online brouhaha others want to stir up, Star's brand and Star himself has remained gracefully unshaken by the headlines. Instead, he seems to be focusing on his brand — like his crazy successful Skin Frosts. Star's latest liquid lipstick restock shows just how popular his products are.

So are Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks sold out yet? Not quite yet, but if you're wanting to snag them before they're gone, time to head over the site and scoop them up!